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Ethan EmbryTara Richter: Welcome to the FoXXXy Forum. I’m your host Tara Richter, certified dating coach and author of the Dating Jungle series…

Ethan Embry: You’re a dating coach?

Tara Richter: Yes, I am a dating coach.

Ethan Embry: For women or men?

Tara Richter: For both.

Ethan Embry: Rad. Alright keep going.

Tara Richter: We are coming to you from Orlando, Florida at the Enchantacon, which is a fun filled weekend with the stars from ABC’s series, “Once Upon A Time”. And I have here with me today Ethan Embry who is on the show.

Ethan Embry: How you doing?

Tara Richter: Welcome to the FoXXXy Forum.

Ethan Embry: Oh, thanks for having me. I love being here.

Tara Richter: Thanks for being on. We heard you were doing some research on the FoXXXy Forum show.

Ethan Embry: Well I- I- ah… I was told about it and I said “Yeah. These are my people, I would definitely love to chat with these lovely individuals.”

Tara Richter: -Well, we feel very privileged to have you on the show.

Ethan Embry: I paint with my boobs all the time.

Tara Richter: Do you? -laughs- Well then, you should buy one of Angye’s paintings ’cause you know she does that for breast cancer awareness. They do this thing called Save the Ta Ta’s and a bunch of ladies get together and they paint with their breasts, and then they auction all the paintings and all the money goes to charity.

Ethan Embry: That’s fantastic; I love what she says on her site about how they have a mind of their own, so sometimes it’s a little bit messy. -laughs-

Tara Richter: -laughs- Yeah, they kinda just do whatever they want.

Ethan Embry: -laughing- Yeah, exactly.

Tara Richter: It’s definitely fun, we just did it a month ago and ah, and yeah, I don’t know how much money they raised but it’s always for a good cause.

Ethan Embry: I think they raised a couple more things than just money.

Tara Richter: -laughs-

Ethan Embry: OOoooooh. Ethan…

Tara Richter: Yeah, yeah. We’re gonna have to give you some dating advice. Are you currently single?

Ethan Embry: Ah.. Actually I have a… God, my love life it’s insane. I was divorced for 8 years and my ex-wife and I are now dating. So.. Dating coach, how do you feel about that one?

Tara Richter: Mmmm.

Ethan Embry: We’re divorced but when we’re out in public. It’s just fun to introduce certain people as this is my ex-wife so…

Tara Richter: -laughs-  Probably don’t wanna put the label on that, ’cause then you’re leaning with a negative foot.

Ethan Embry: Well we know it’s not negative.

Tara Richter: Yeah it’s just kinda more funny.

Ethan Embry: Exactly.

Tara Richter: Yeah. Well, I would say it depends on why you guys got divorced in the first place.

Ethan Embry: Uhm. Yeah it- ah.. It was hard, I guess it’s the easiest way of summing that up. It’s difficult but we’re both in a much better place now. And, we both realized that the past two and a half years without each other was… far more difficult than anything we experienced when we were together, so…

Tara Richter: Well that’s good. You know everyone always has problems and issues and marriage definitely isn’t easy, and so, if you can take the time when you’re apart to work on your issues, heal your wounds, kinda deal with that crud everybody has inside, and heal from it and then you know have a stronger couple afterwards, I mean that’s always a good thing.

Ethan Embry: I think that from what I’ve seen already, I think that we are a stronger couple than we were, so…

Tara Richter: Yeah… Well that’s good. Good luck to you.

Ethan Embry: Yes, I’m dating my ex-wife. It’s great though because she takes me out to dinner, like I give her alimony, and then she takes me out to dinner with it. It’s amazing, It’s great.

Tara Richter: -laughs- So then you pay her and then she buys you nice presents, and gives your money back to you?

Ethan Embry: Yep. Yeah, that’s right.

Tara Richter: How long have you guys been dating again?

Ethan Embry: Ahh… We have been dating for about.. Three or four months?  Since July, I believe.. Somewhere around there.

Tara Richter: Did she come here with you this weekend?

Ethan Embry: No. We have been moving, so… We got a place together again.

Tara Richter: Oh? So you’re moving in, already? Wow…

Ethan Embry: That’s right. That’s right, make sure the alimony goes over to me again.

Tara Richter: If you’re technically living together, do you have to pay alimony?

Ethan Embry: Uhh- I don’t know. We should call a lawyer! -laughs-

Tara Richter: Yeah maybe you should consult an attorney, ’cause I would say if you’re buying a house and paying a mortgage together, I don’t know if that would apply anymore.

Ethan Embry: -laughs- That’s a good opinion there.

Listen to the entire radio interview here: http://datingjungle.podomatic.com/entry/2013-11-24T13_26_57-08_00 

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