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Ethan EmbryTara Richter: In the last episode of “Once Upon a Time” you guys were trying to save magic, right?

Ethan Embry: Right, well I was trying to destroy it.Inter

Tara Richter: Oh!

Ethan Embry: I’m the guy that’s trying to destroy it, Greg Mendell

Tara Richter: Okay. So your character on “Once Upon a Time” Greg Mendell, is trying to destroy the magic in Storybrook.

Ethan Embry: Basically the show is about, for those people who don’t know,  it’s about all of the Disney fantasy characters that lived in the enchanted forest, Neverland, all that and… There’s a curse put on them and they end up moving into the human world, our world. And, they get kicked out of the mythical land where magic exists and that’s the way it is for the first season and a half, and then I show up and that’s when hell breaks loose.

Tara Richter: Well that’s what I’ve noticed from the first episodes to now, like the last one it was like, peter pan was there and he is like evil.

Ethan Embry: Yeah, peter pan is a bad guy.

Tara Richter: Yeah. And then…

Ethan Embry: It’s the tights, man.

Tara Richter: -laughs- It’s too restrictive?

Ethan Embry: Yeah. Tights and guy liner. Will just… turn a bitch into anything.

Tara Richter: That must be it! ‘Cause he like, what does he like, ditch his son or something just so he can get pixy dust?

Ethan Embry: Yeah. It’s all about pixy dust! See you guys down to Florida you have like that face eating from Bath Salts? Pixy dust IS bath salts!

Tara Richter: Oh yeah! What’s up with that?

Ethan Embry: Don’t mess with the pixy dust!

Tara Richter: You know, they keep talking about the zombie apocalypse and we’ve already seen it in Miami. That was insane, I don’t know.

Ethan Embry: Apparently they say he wasn’t actually on bath salts though.

Tara Richter: They say it was just like marijuana.

Ethan Embry: Yeah, just some bad weed.

Tara Richter: They must have that stuff laced with pixy dust.

Ethan Embry: I think there was probably something else going on.

Tara Richter: There had-a-been! You just don’t go off randomly and get…

Ethan Embry: And eat someone’s face.

Tara Richter: Yeah! And eat someone’s face. And if you saw the picture of the poor homeless guy after the surgeries- I mean, the guy eats one of his eyeballs. That’s like…

Ethan Embry: Oh.. people are so miserable.

Tara Richter: They are! People are messed up. so Anyway, Did the third season just start of “once upon a time?”

Ethan Embry: The third season is on now. I think it started up in… September? -ish. I think.

Tara Richter: Yeah. So we’re only a few episodes into it. So then, actually tonight is a new show on Sunday, so in the end of last episode it looked like Henry died because Peter Pan stole his heart.

Ethan Embry: Oh-Oh!

Tara Richter: Cause he manipulated him.

Ethan Embry: Oh- Ooh…

Tara Richter: Cause he is mean!

Ethan Embry: Stealing hearts? Probably something you’re familiar with!

Tara Richter: Oh well, I’ve probably stolen a few hearts. And had mine stolen a couple times too.

Ethan Embry: I would imagine so!

Tara Richter: Yeah! Otherwise I wouldn’t have had enough information for three books.

Tara: So, the new episode.. Can you give us any teasers on what happens to Henry?

Ethan Embry: I don’t have a TV!

Tara Richter: Oh yeah! I heard that in another interview that you don’t have a TV.

Ethan Embry: I don’t have a TV! So you’re telling me more about the show than I know.

Tara Richter: -laughs- So you don’t watch it?

Ethan Embry: What about this previous show, have you seen that?

Tara Richter: mm-mm. I don’t really watch TV either, I’m writing all the time. I don’t really have time to watch TV

Ethan Embry: I’m reading all the time.

Tara Richter: Yeah. And you’re reading my books! Well, I’ll give you my books and then you can read ’em.