Tara Richter Hosting 3rd Annual Author Award Ceremony & Book Gala!


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The Richter Publishing 3rd Annual Author Award Ceremony & Book Gala will be hosted at Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant[4110 West Boy Scout Boulevard Tampa, FL 33607] on Thursday, October 20, 2016 from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM.


This event features published authors from the Tampa Bay area who are making a difference in the community with their books. The night will be filled with music, drinks, food, prize raffles, award ceremony and an opportunity to speak with each author personally and purchase their works.

Featured Authors (More to be announced soon!):

  1. Mike Rivera & Craig Sidorowicz, “From Stand-Up Comedian to Stand-Up Teacher”
  2. Rev. Chad C. Fernald, “Living Wisdom: Principles for a Life Well Lived”
  3. Art Koch,” When Swing Was King!”
  4. Rita Lowman, “From the Farm to the Boardroom: Leadership Lessons”
  5. Karen A. Kelly, M.D., “Take a Breath”
  6. Brandon Rimes & Connor Anthony, “Become the MVP in Your Industry by Surfing the Radio Waves”
  7. Sven Boermeester, “Best of Tampa Bay”
  8. Melissa Tuttle Twomey, “Goodnight Tampa”
  9. John McKee,  “Nothing Happens Until the Meeting is Set”
  10. Karen Mertes, Lt Col (Ret), United States Air Force, “Plaintiff 101” Audiobook 
  11. Debbie Killebrew, “Finding My Way Back”
  12. Melissa Sweeny, D.B.A., “Love from Luke: Lessons Learned from a Rescued Dog”
  13. M. Rene Harris, “Flies in My Coffee”
  14. Luke Chichetto, Mobility RX Fitness


  • 5:30 Event Starts – Bridgette Simmonds “The Go Coach!” MC
  • 6:30 Short Speech by Tara, President of Richter Publishing
  • 6:35-6:45 Comedian Appearance by Mike Rivera
  • 7:45 Awards Announced
  • 8:15 Raffle
  • 8:30 Party Ends

Attire: Business / cocktail attire

Award Categories:

  • Most Inspirational Story
  • Best Self-Help Book
  • Funniest Book
  • Amazon Best Seller (The book that ranked the highest in Amazon.)  
  • Best Buisness Book
  • Best Cover
  • Best Overall Book for 2016

Ticket price includes: Entrance to the event, bottomless wine & endless appetizers!  Early bird tickets will end one week prior to the event date. Regular ticket prices will be sold the last week. Day of the event ticket sales will at the door with cash or credit card.

Sponsorship Spots: We have packages available to you at all different price ranges. Check out our rate card here or call for details at 727-940-7647. RICHTER Publishing-RateCard

Check out the video of last year’s event below!

Hunk of the 2016 Rio Olympics.. on Tinder?!


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ryan lochteI am not a huge Tinder fan, but when I found out that Ryan Lochte, 12-time Olympic medalist, I’m reactivating my account. In a recent interview, Lochte said he had be swiping right on Tinder a lot, “matching up with a bunch of gorgeous women who are smart” with “professional jobs and everything.”

Here is a clip of Lochte’s interview on The Dan Patrick Show—


I can make the sacrifices to be with this gold medalist. It’s time for hunk to date, and I need to be in that little black book! Who’s with me?!

Buying my ticket for Rio and making sure I’m within a 5 mile radius so he pops up on my radar. Praying that he swipes right!

Get more Offline dating tips with “10 Rules to Survive the Dating Jungle” today! Now available on Amazon.

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The Dating Jungle Series as seen on BBC’s Almost Royal

Hope Solo’s Horror Story – Nudes Leaked!


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It’s all fun and games until someone… gets their nudes leaked. Hope Solo isn’t the first, and won’t be the last celebrity to get their nude photos leaked onto the internet. An entire gallery of Solo’s selfie’d nudes we’re shared on the internet by an anonymous source. Extremely explicit photos are the epitome of NSFW! Men and women alike have been victims of having their privacy stolen from them and trust with their significant other (or hook-up partner) broken. And if it can happen to an Olympian, it can certainly happen to you! Sure nude photos seem to the be norm in today’s society. We want everything RIGHT NOW but where’s the mystery? And is there trust? How can you be sure that the photo is only seen by the person it is intended for and their best friend or the entire internet? Not only is it not safe, but it’s sending the wrong message. keep-calm-and-dont-send-nudes

In my book, “10 Rules to Survive the Internet Dating Jungle,” I share my thoughts – and experiences – with nude photos in the dating world. I can’t tell you how many times I have given out my cell phone number or private email address to then be send photos of their penis. The last thing I want to see at 9am as I’m supping my coffee, reading though my emails is a picture of someone’s genitals to pop up. I really don’t understand why men feel the need to do this? Is it a viral way of flashing? Do they get off on this? It makes me block and never speak to them again. I could literally publish an entire book and call it, “Penis’ of the Internet.”

I know some women do this as well. Send full naked body shots to guys they met online. This is the way you get booty calls at 2am, not a way to find a long term relationship. Once you’re committed to someone you can do whatever foreplay you want. BUT make sure this is the one and that there is a mutual respect for each other’s privacy so that your boobs don’t end up on some site. Save those for someone special that deserves it!

Get more Offline dating tips with “10 Rules to Survive the Dating Jungle” today! Now available on Amazon.

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The Dating Jungle Series as seen on BBC’s Almost Royal

Building Your Self-Esteem


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kimBefore you can love someone, you have to love yourself. Having high self-esteem is one of the first steps of being ready for a healthy relationship. We all can’t have Kim Kardashian’s self-esteem. I mean come on, the woman has her own selfie book. Can’t get any more confident than that.

The following are tips that to help build continuous upward momentum towards higher self-esteem: (written by Jae Song & Tina Su on http://www.thinksimplenow.com)

  1. Start Small – Start with something you can do immediately and easily. When we start with small successes, we build momentum to gain more confidence in our abilities. Each completed task, regardless of how small, is a building block towards a more confident you. What are some small actions you can take immediately to demonstrate that you are capable of achieving goals you’ve set for yourself? For example, clean your desk, organize your papers, or pay all your bills.
  2. Create a Compelling Vision – Use the power of your imagination. Create an image of yourself as the confident and self-assured person you aspire to become. When you are this person, how will you feel? How will others perceive you? What does your body language look like? Write a description of this person and all the attributes you’ve observed.
  3. Socialize – Get out of the house or setup a lunch date with a friend. Socializing with others will give us opportunities to connect with other people, and practice our communication and interpersonal skills.
  4. Set Goals – According to a study done at Virginia Tech, 80% of Americans say that they don’t have goals. And the people who regularly write down their goals earn nine times as much over their lifetime as people who don’t. By setting goals that are clear and actionable, you have a clear target of where you want to be.

For the rest of the tips for building your self-esteem get your copy of “10 Rules to Survive the Internet Dating Jungle” here! Utilize Certified Dating Coach, Tara Richter’s, 10 rules to help you navigate your way through internet dating sites to find your loving Jane or Tarzan.

Get more Offline dating tips with “10 Rules to Survive the Dating Jungle” today! Now available on Amazon.

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The Dating Jungle Series as seen on BBC’s Almost Royal

Trump Supporters create Singles Dating Website


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In the chaos of the upcoming election it seems as though our political stances are becoming a new topic in the dating world. Since when did talking about your political affiliation turn into a topic for your first date? In general, politics should stay out of the mix – at least for the first few dates… unless you’re a government official. The divide between Trump and Clinton supporters has been, what seems to be, the most heated in election history. Whether you’re for or against Trump, his supporters are having a problem finding their perfect match outside of the rallies. They can’t seem to find anyone who can match their same passion and support for theirRepublican presidential candidate.  That’s where TrumpSingles.com comes in “Make Dating Great Again!” I guess there won’t be any walls built around hearts on this site… trump singles

The site itself has been shutdown – for unknown reasons but the Facebook page Singles for Trump is still going strong with over 2,650 likes. The Facebook page posts information about single Trump supporters along with other posts that read “So, you just wasted another unfulfilled Saturday night hooking up with a Clinton-Supporting Dud, who listened to Arcade Fire on repeat and mumbled “Mommy” in his sleep. Girlfriend, there’s a far better way to quench your thirst and find a real man. The best dagum dating site on Facebook, Singles For Trump!”

I am in no way supporting this site, nor would you find my profile posted, but for the sake of you Trump supporters who are trying to find love – there is still hope.


Will Your Partner Pass these Dating Tests?


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When you first start dating someone, you may or may not realize you are putting that person through a series of tests. Sometimes they are planned tests or they may be subconscious. Either way, it’s good to see how this person reacts within different situations. Here are a few tests I have done with gents that might be potential relationship material to see if he can go the distance — couple shopping

  1. The Mall Test – For a shopping excursion, you might want to keep it short and sweet. You don’t want to completely torture the guy. Ease him in by stopping by a sports-related store first. Once you start making your usual rounds, see how long he can stand picking out clothes and try8ing them on. Does he get agitated easily or is he happy to hold your purse for you? Hold up a garment that’s truly awful and ask his opinion. Does he lie and say its wonderful or is he honest with you? If you’re going to be in a long-term relationship with someone you each are going to have to compromise your time and do things that may not be on the top of your list of fun stuff to do. Make sure he’s at least willing to be a good sport for you. Couple Enjoying Evening Drinks In Bar
  2. The Drinking Test – This one you probably want to wait until you know the person fairly well. You can pretend you’re a little tipsier than you really are. Act a little foolish, do something kind of stupid and in a public place and see how he reacts. Does he completely ridicule you and treat you like a child? Or does he act like a gentleman and take care of you? Marriage isn’t rainbows and butterflies 24/7 – so you don’t want a guy that who’s only going to be around you when you’re perfectly proper.

For the rest of the relationship tests and other tips for internet dating click here to get your copy of “10 Rules to Survive the Internet Dating Jungle” today!

Get more Offline dating tips with “10 Rules to Survive the Dating Jungle” today! Now available on Amazon.

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The Dating Jungle Series as seen on BBC’s Almost Royal

What are You Offering your Future Partner?


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When creating your dating profile, you need to be realistic. If you’re an empty envelope you can’t have unrealistic expectations for your partner and expect a successful or meaningful relationship. Be honest in your profile; if you’re not, the truth will eventually come out. Save everyone some time and just put the truth down. Also, watch your tone while you’re writing it. Whatever you put out into the world is going to come back to you in some fashion – so make sure it’s positive! Better yourself to find your better half!

For your copy of “10 Rules to Survive the Dating Jungle” click here!

Wells Adams’ Drunken Version of Episode 8


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Video courtesy of former Bachelorette contestant Wells Adams’ Facebook page – “Here’s my entire live drunken snapchat video for episode 8 of the The Bachelorette. Enjoy.”

Oh, we enjoyed, Wells.

What started off as just good, somewhat clean, fun turned into a viral video derived from Wells Adam’s drunken Snapchat. Ps. this video is NSFW! Wells was on 93.3 FLZ this morning telling The Kane Show how this drunken Snapchat play-by-play of Bachelorette episodes is more than likely going to become a weekly event! I know I’ll be looking for them!

“I’m falling in love with you… Coors Light.” We are in love with you, Wells!


Getting to Know Your Date


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Overview of Rule # 5 of “10 Rules to Survive the Internet Dating Jungle“:

  • Meet your online romance in the flesh within two weeks.
  • When you do meet, go somewhere public; never have a first date pick  you up from your house.
  • Use short meet-n-greets as short, 30 minute coffee dates.
  • If you’re not feeling chemistry, don’t extend the meet-n-greet onto dinner. speeddating2

The fifth rule is all about taking it offline and how to handle the first meet-n-greets. Today I am going to share how to avoid being a bump on a log without being an excessive talker. Take notes!

When going out on first dates it’s important to listen to your date. Sometimes this is easier said than done, especially if you’re a nervous talker. You start getting anxiety and keep talking to cover it up, yet you actually are showing that you are nervous. If you find yourself doing this, stop, take a deep breath and listen. speed-dating

Stop talking and start asking questions, that’s when you start learning about someone else. When you ask a question make sure to fully listen to their answer and not preoccupy yourself with what your response is going to be. Ask about items that will reveal qualities to see if they match what you want in a partner. The last time I went speed-dating I thought I would conduct an experiment to see how many men asked me what I did for a living without me volunteering the information. Only three out of eight guys did. I asked them plenty of questions about themselves that they were happy to tell me. However it’s a two-sided street, not a one-way avenue in getting to know someone. When your date asks you a question, when you are done answering flip it back to them. If you only have six minutes to leave an impression on someone, talking only about yourself that entire time isn’t going to get you far.

Get more Offline dating tips with “10 Rules to Survive the Dating Jungle” today! Now available on Amazon.

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The Dating Jungle Series as seen on BBC’s Almost Royal


Are you Circular Dating this Summer?


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The following is an excerpt from, “10 Rules to Survive the Internet Dating Jungle“—

Rori Raye coined this term within her eBook and a website with dating advice. She has some good concepts that I really like, one of which she calls “circular dating.” (You can find more information on her website here) The basic concept is that no man or woman should date only one person at a time. Also, don’t get attached to just one person from the first date on. This is a completely different concept of sleeping with multiple people. That obviously isn’t a good idea. I’m not talking about being a whore; I’m talking about going on lots of short meet-n-greets and then longer dinner dates until you find the one worth spending your time with. Until you have the talk of exclusivity, everyone is open to do what they want. mature-woman-on-a-date

The problem with most women is that we get attached after just one short date. In our head we are already committed. We place everything else on hold in our lives to see where it’s going to go with this man. We start investing tons of time and energy into this relationship and lose ourselves in the process even though there has been no talk of serious commitment. We assume the man is on the same page as us. We invest our hearts and many times our body. Women look at sex as a cementing of the relationship and then find out a few months down the road he’s been dating other women.

When you’re single and dating, assume that everyone is dating and seeing other people. Don’t assume that one date is to solidify a commitment.  That’s a discussion to be had with both parties involved that they want to be exclusive with each other. Until then, go have fun, go out on dates, and date yourself. The great thing about circular dating is that it helps build your self-esteem and it lets you know you have choices. Find the inner Bachelorette in you and get out there!

Get more Offline dating tips with “10 Rules to Survive the Dating Jungle” today! Now available on Amazon.

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The Dating Jungle Series as seen on BBC’s Almost Royal


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