Is He worth Your Time? Here’s how you can tell!


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This isn’t about the “third date rule” on when to get physical with your partner! This rule is all about what to do if you’re not feeling a connection with the person you’re dating by the third date.

If you’ve been out on three dates with the same person and you’re just not sure if you’re feeling it, move on. It shouldn’t take that long to discover if you’re attracted to someone or not. Sure they may be witty, charming, nice, sweet, yet if you’re just no convinced they’re the one for you, move on. There’s no point in continuing to date someone if the chemistry isn’t there. They may be the sweetest guy in the world or the nicest girl, but if it doesn’t get your engines going by now it probably won’t ever. Don’t get stuck with someone where you don’t think there’s long term potential. Some people stay in relationships because there’s nothing better to do. If it’s not fulfilling to you, get out and find someone who is. couple-talking-indoors-1443817

Don’t try to so hard to make it work. The more time you spend with Mr./Mrs. Wrong is the less time you have to find Mr./Mrs. Right. After three dates neither party should be too emotionally invested. It’s either to break it off now versus dragging it out longer and breaking hearts. If you’re not sure by date three, be polite and let them know they’re just not the one for you. You should be fully into someone to keep dating them. Be courteous and hopefully you can still gain a friendship from it. Never burn bridges or drag it out to the point where you just can’t stand the site of the other person.

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Oxford Exchange – Coffee Date Location WIN


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If you’re just getting to know someone, or it is your first time meeting, setting the first ‘date’ in a public place is always the best idea. If you’re in Tampa and looking for a location, Oxford Exchange should be in the running. Here’s why —

Coffee or Tea


If you’re not quite ready to have a meal with this new flame, OE makes it easy to grab an espresso OR  a London Fog while you talk about how you grew up, what you like to do for fun – while trying to decide if he looks like his photo in his profile. Chemistry is always found over caffeine!

Always Buzzing

OE 4

There is never an awkward silence, OE is always jumping with South Tampa locals who need their latest IG post. Not only are you in a public place, but the super modern hipster vibes make you feel comfortable as soon as you walk in.

Outdoor Dining Area


Think you’re ready to move from coffee to lunch? The “outdoor” dining area allows you to take your date to the next level. No need to worry about sweating while eating your avocado toast, the florida style ceiling gives you the outdoor feel without the unwanted heat.

Rob Kardashian Leaks Blac Chyna’s Nudes on Instagram!


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Rob Kardashian leaking Blac Chyna’s nudes (the mother of his child) goes to show why sending nude photos of yourself is never a good idea. If you are in an abusive or toxic relationship, NEVER share pictures with your significant other that can be sent to the masses. And in Chyna’s case, THE ENTIRE WORLD!

Extremely explicit photos are the epitome of NSFW! Men and women alike have been victims of having their privacy stolen from them and trust with their significant other (or hook-up partner) broken. And if it can happen to an Olympian, it can certainly happen to you! Sure nude photos seem to the be norm in today’s society. We want everything RIGHT NOW but where’s the mystery? And is there trust? How can you be sure that the photo is only seen by the person it is intended for and their best friend or the entire internet? Not only is it not safe, but it’s sending the wrong message.

rob and chynaIn my book, “10 Rules to Survive the Internet Dating Jungle,” I share my thoughts – and experiences – with nude photos in the dating world. I can’t tell you how many times I have given out my cell phone number or private email address to then be send photos of their penis. The last thing I want to see at 9am as I’m supping my coffee, reading though my emails is a picture of someone’s genitals to pop up. I really don’t understand why men feel the need to do this? Is it a viral way of flashing? Do they get off on this? It makes me block and never speak to them again. I could literally publish an entire book and call it, “Penis’ of the Internet.”

I know some women do this as well. Send full naked body shots to guys they met online. This is the way you get booty calls at 2am, not a way to find a long term relationship. Once you’re committed to someone you can do whatever foreplay you want. BUT make sure this is the one and that there is a mutual respect for each other’s privacy so that your boobs don’t end up on some site. Save those for someone special that deserves it!

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The Dating Jungle Series as seen on BBC’s Almost Royal

Here’s How to Get a Tinder Date to Maui!


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Sounds crazy right?! Well this Tinder “couple” made it possible – and now Tinder is paying for the pair to go to Maui FOR THEIR FIRST DATE!

Have you ever made a love connection on Tinder and it just seemed like you were star-crossed lovers?! That’s exactly what happened to this duo. Here’s how it played out…



Seemed like she was dodging him…

blog 2

Big Brother Tinder is always watching

blog 3


Proof that sharing your dating experiences online can take you places… LIKE MAUI!

HUGE Discounts on The Dating Jungle Series TODAY ONLY!


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Summer fun is here! Whether you are by the pool, at the beach, on a road trip or flying in a plane,The Dating Jungle Series is perfect for any occasion!

Reading is Jawsome 3

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Why Staying Single this Summer is the Best Option


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You may run into your soulmate any season of the year, so don’t let us discourage you. However, starting up a summer romance isn’t as ideal as The Notebook makes it look. We aren’t college kids anymore, we don’t have the summers to spend at the beach and our nights out at the local carnival – or Busch Gardens – so how can we make this sweaty season sexy?!


Everyone knows that Fall/ Winter is “cuffing season” – this is when couples are able to cuddle without sweating through the sheets and outdoor activities don’t result in armpit stains. Rather than struggling to stay together with a significant other that is wanting to spread their wings (in other words, sleep with other people) use this time to figure out what is best for you.  Summer is a time for friends and scandal – live it up!

Hop on a dating app or site and see who is around you for a cute lunch or a date night! You don’t have to tie anyone down, just explore your options!

Happy 4th of July!


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Happy Independence Day from the Dating Jungle crew! Thank you to all those who have, and are serving!

Who will you be watching the fireworks with tonight?!

Richter Publishing will be on a Panel of Experts for the ASJA Ghostwriters Conference in November!


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Richter Publishing will be on a panel of experts for the ASJA ghostwriters conference November 2017 in Chicago!!

ASJA Hosts Two Chicago Workshops: November 17-18

The American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA) announced two regional writers conferences that will be held in Chicago November 17 and 18, 2017 at the Columbia College campus. Two one-day, back-to-back conferences offer complementary avenues to content success for both freelance editorial professionals and the clients who rely on them for books, articles, web content and other nonfiction journalism.  Registration is now open; see the ASJA Chicago conference web site at for more information.

AuthorCon, Nov. 17, will be a ghostwriting intensive for both freelance ghostwriters and the experts and executives who collaborate with them. Content doesn’t write itself. It takes experienced professionals to produce polished content of all lengths, from website copy to books.


For more information:



Are You Dating Someone out of Your League?


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cirhdfkvaaam4im-jpg-largeWhen creating your dating profile, you need to be realistic. If you’re an empty envelope you can’t have unrealistic expectations for your partner and expect a successful or meaningful relationship. Be honest in your profile; if you’re not, the truth will eventually come out. Save everyone some time and just put the truth down. Also, watch your tone while you’re writing it. Whatever you put out into the world is going to come back to you in some fashion – so make sure it’s positive! Better yourself to find your better half!

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Tara Richter will be a Speaker at the ConnectHER17 Media Conference in Las Vegas in August!


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The ConnectHER17 Media Conference is being held in Vegas in Aug – Tara Richter has been announced to be a speaker! CHM always aims to bridge the gap between influencers, brands, PR, marketing and entrepreneurs and focuses on direct interaction by providing plenty of opportunities for business growth.

The ConnectHER Media Conference is primarily an invitation-only event for Influencers, Brands, PR, Marketing and Entrepreneurs. This unique and exclusive event is designed to deliver rich content and facilitate direct interaction for those in attendance.  #ConnectHER17 guests include writers, influencers, bloggers, moms, PR, marketing, entrepreneurs and brands looking to learn and engage in conversation. Our focus is on providing quality content and a unique environment where our guests are able to take the information from our event, straight to their projects. The ConnectHER Media Conference is more than just another conference, it’s an experience!

Find out more about ConnectHER17 here!

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