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Have all of my prayers been answered?! Instead of Tweeting at the contestants from Bachelor in Paradise, or any other show that you’re obsessed with, hopeless waiting for a reply, you can get the tvParty app and get connected. This isn’t an ad, more of a PSA! Can’t wait until next week!

tvParty is a social network where you can follow your friends, other fans and cast members, and grow your following by commenting on the shows you love. Comments are synced to precise moments in the show, so your friends will see your comments at the right time and nobody has to worry about spoilers! Whether you’re watching TV live or on-demand, you’ll be able to experience your favorite shows as if everyone was watching along with you.

For example, if your friend watches a show on Monday and uses tvParty to chat while watching, on Thursday when you finally get around to watching, your friend’s comments will be synced to your show! No spoilers, no FOMO.
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Share the experience and join the tvParty!


-Comment, take pics, post GIFs… all while you watch
-Watch live or on demand, on your own schedule
-Your posts are synced to precise moments in the show
-Leave funny reactions for your friends – they’ll see it when they get to it!
-Curated Twitter Feed – see the best Tweets from each moment in the show without the noise!

Get the Dating Jungle series and brush up on your dating skills along with the cast!