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You may run into your soulmate any season of the year, so don’t let us discourage you. However, starting up a summer romance isn’t as ideal as The Notebook makes it look. We aren’t college kids anymore, we don’t have the summers to spend at the beach and our nights out at the local carnival – or Busch Gardens – so how can we make this sweaty season sexy?!


Everyone knows that Fall/ Winter is “cuffing season” – this is when couples are able to cuddle without sweating through the sheets and outdoor activities don’t result in armpit stains. Rather than struggling to stay together with a significant other that is wanting to spread their wings (in other words, sleep with other people) use this time to figure out what is best for you.  Summer is a time for friends and scandal – live it up!

Hop on a dating app or site and see who is around you for a cute lunch or a date night! You don’t have to tie anyone down, just explore your options!