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Here is a question, answered by Tara Richter, that will always be relevant in the realm of dating —

Seriously? I know we’re not living in the 1800’s, but come on. Why does there need to be sexual conversations within 3 hours of meeting someone? Unless you are soliciting a prostitute, there’s no reason to talk about how someone is in bed. Especially when they haven’t even met you in person yet! I could be 6ft 300 lb woman, you have no idea. You could be a troll. Why would I want to have sexual conversations with a stranger whom I don’t even know if I’m attracted to yet? I personally think it’s rude and distasteful.  After chatting over a few emails online and then texts for 3 hours, is not enough time to ask if I can keep up with you in the bedroom.  The only time to talk about sex is once you are in a committed relationship actually having sex! Then there’s something to talk about.

This question is all too common when you are trying to make your way in the internet dating jungle. If it feels like it is too soon, or too uncomfortable — DON’T. That goes for anything in a relationship.

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