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The cheating curve, is texting cheating? Kissing? Sleeping with someone else while you’re casually seeing someone? In order to be in a healthy relationship you need to have a personal guideline to follow. If you don’t have one, Dating Jungle is here to help —

You’re exclusive and have been dating for 3 months, how do you feel now? Is your relationship continually budding and the more you get to know this person the more you fall in love with them? Or are you now second guessing yourself, their actions and not sure if you can go the distance with them? The 3 month mark is another dating milestone. If you are having doubts at this point in the game or have already lost that “honeymoon stage” feeling, it’s probably time to move on. You should first address your concerns with your partner. See if they are legit or just manufactured insecurities you have within yourself. Such as do you really want to get married and have kids and your lover doesn’t? That’s a major life decision and if you two are at a crossroads now, it’s not going to get better with time. These are big decisions, yet you should be on the same path. If you know this person isn’t the one to go the distance with, it’s better to cut it off now while the relationship is still new and feelings won’t be too hurt. When you’re spending time with Mr. Wrong or Mr. OK For Now, you are losing time to find Mr. Right For You.  There’s also nothing wrong with being completely honest in what you want out of a partner and life. Just because you say you want kids as an option, doesn’t mean you are pressuring him to commit and have kids right now. You just want to let him know this is what you want & you want a partner who wants the same in the future.

3 strikes you’re out: This is a rule I created in my first book, “10 Rules to Survive the Dating Jungle”.  This you can utilize during anytime in the dating process as a weeding out tool. It’s basically to pick out negative behaviors. If the person you’re dating is displaying strange demeanor or does something that makes you second guess yourself, keep track in your head or on a piece of paper. For instance if a guy/ girl cancels a date at the very last minute, strike 1. Things happen, plans change, no biggie.  Yet, if it happens a 2nd time they are walking on thin ice, it happens a 3rd time, buh bye, 3 strikes you’re out! That other person obviously doesn’t value you or your time. Why would you want to be with someone who takes you for granted? This rule also helps you establish your boundaries so people don’t walk all over you. Sometimes you don’t even need 3 strikes to throw them out of the game. For instance, lying and or cheating. 1st time cheating your out! Lying is also a very bad trait. If you catch them once in the act, identify it, call them out on it. 2nd time do the same again & warn them you don’t deal with liars. The next time you’re done with them. You’ve established you’re boundaries and ground rules and they know. 3rd time they lie, stick to your guns and dump their ass. You deserve to be with someone who loves you and treats you with respect & lying is neither of those qualities. I’m sure they will beg you to forgive them, yet if a person does something 3 times it’s in their DNA & most likely won’t change.  Save yourself the heartache and move on.

Make use of the Dating Rule of 3 to help you navigate the dating jungle and find the right one for you!

All of this cheating talk makes me think of this Sex & the City episode, enjoy the scandal: