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The room was filled with mixed emotions as Casey Affleck won the award for Best Actor – but what happened to spark the commotion?

how-to-handle-controlling-behavior-in-a-relationshipNot long after Affleck’s nomination was announced, the Academy was criticized for showing such recognition to someone who had to settle out of court with two women who alleged he’d sexually harassed. Sexual harassment is something that needs to be addressed rather than swept under the rug.

It is important to recognize controlling behavior before it turns into sexual harassment —

Here are some signs of controlling behavior in a relationship:

  1. They are always calling or texting you excessively and then get upset if you don’t respond right away.
  2. They want to know where you are and you who are with all the time.
  3. They ask you to make a date with them during a time frame that you told them previously you had plans with others. Then they try to get you to break your plans or try to join you instead.
  4. They try to make you do things you are not comfortable with or stated you don’t want to do.
  5. They get upset when you don’t comply with their demands and explode with rage or try to make you feel guilty.
  6. Despite your opinions they are always right and you are always wrong.
  7. They won’t listen to your opinions or ideas.
  8. They cannot have a conversation and see both sides of the coin, it’s their way or the highway.
  9. After one date they say you are in an exclusive relationship with them without having a discussion about it. If you go on dates with other people after the fact they freak out.