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It’s 2017! It’s a new year for single you to be out and on the prowl in the dating jungle. But before you go wild, let’s review some rules that you should follow this year (and always) to keep yourself safe, healthy and set up for success —


Rule #1 – Meet in public places for first encounters and drive your own car. This as I stated prior is safety issues. If this is a blind date you want to make sure you keep your home location safe just in case this person is a crazy psycho.

Rule #2 – Keep first meetings short to about 30 mins. I don’t even call these dates, I call them meet-n-greets. Most likely if you are meeting someone from an online dating site or dating app, this first meeting is just to get to see the person in the flesh and who they really are. Keep it short because it they may not be what you expected.

Rule #3 – The girl may pay her own way or for both of you. If women are not interested or not sure about the person they are meeting up with, most likely they will pay for at least their portion/ split the check so they don’t feel obligated for anything else after the date. So guys don’t be offended if she does & let her pay if she insists on it. Going dutch on a first date isn’t uncommon now-a-days.

Rule #4 – Exchange phone numbers once you decide to meet in person and text an hour prior the meeting. Be polite if you need to cancel and let the other party know in advance. You wouldn’t want to be left alone waiting on someone would you?

Rule #5 – Since you are both driving your own cars, meet someone in the middle if distance is an issue. Have courtesy for other people and driving distance keep it fair until you know if this is someone worth driving the distance for.

Rule #6 – Don’t drink alcohol on a first meeting. It will inhibit your perceptions and you still don’t know who this person is, so safety can be an issue. Also you don’t want to drink too much & make fool of yourself.

Rule #7 – Don’t add a potential date on facebook or other social media sites prior to meeting in person. You want to keep your information safe and most people put too much out there on the internet. Make sure you are sharing private info with people who you know in person.

Rule #8 – Never ever send money to someone you’ve been chatting with online or on dating apps. This would seem to be common sense; however there are criminals trolling on dating sites taking advantage of people’s broken hearts. Don’t be a victim.

Rule #9 – When you do exchange phone numbers don’t send naked photos or ask for them. It’s just disrespectful and rude. If someone’s asking for an X-rated photo before meeting you in person, obviously they are only looking for one thing, sex.

Rule #10 – Don’t double book dates. Just because 2 different people want to go out on the same night, doesn’t mean you should schedule them in the same night at the same place. Once again it’s rude how would it make you feel if you walked in on your date just ending a date with someone else?

Be smart, sexy and considerate of not only your own feelings, but of others. They are vulnerable too – putting themselves out there looking for love.

Good Luck!