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Thanksgiving is next week, is your new partner worthy of meeting the family?  Not just meeting the parents but grandparents, siblings – that one drunk uncle that scares everyone off. You can’t bring a fling that will only be around for a few weeks, that’s what weddings are for.

Let’s buckle down and get serious. It’s time to show your partner you’re ready for the next step. Meeting your friends is the first obstacle, once they have signed off, it’s time to meet the family. Remember, if you’re partner isn’t ready – DO NOT force them! You can always wait until next year, and if you two are still together, chances are they’ve already met a good portion of your family.

Here are some tips:

  • Don’t be anxious – your partner will feed off of it.
  • Warn your partner of the crazy ones.
  • Tell them to turn the charm level UP.
  • Make sure your partner is in for the long haul  – No FWB.
  • PDA to a minimum  but make your sister jealous.

If you’re a fellow single lady, enjoy this ecard and your upcoming carb overload —