Rule #7 Steer Clear of Addicts


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The following is an excerpt from “10 Rules to Survive the Dating Jungle”—

Alcoholics, drug addicts, or anyone with another sort of addiction problem should be avoided at all costs. You may not know the person you’re dating is an alcoholic or drug addict at first. It won’t be long until you find out, though. Relationships are hard enough on their own without the drama of an addictive personality thrown in the mix. The problem is they have a force greater than themselves they can’t control. The addiction will always take precedence over everything, and you will always be second on the list. It will be a battle you cannot win.

You’re not going to be able to help this person, they have to be the ones who help themselves. Only when a person hits rock bottom can they then see they need to change once and for all. You can try to gently lead them in the right direction, but they have to be the ones to decide to change for themselves.

Some people never do change. They will be caught in a downward spiral for the rest of their lives. Don’t let them pull  you down with them. It’s not your responsibility, it’s theirs. Let them deal with their life.

You deserve a stable, healthy relationship.

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The Dating Jungle Series as seen on BBC’s Almost Royal


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