Singles Meetup in Tampa!


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Not really interested in using a Dating app or Dating site? Looking to meet someone single a more natural way? Contrary to belief, it’s not impossible – and you don’t just have to go to bars to find Mr./Mrs. Right!


The website/app Meetup shows singles events near you! Bar crawls, volleyball tournaments and even themed parties! These events are guaranteed to be filled with fun, flirty singles ready to find their match. It’s hard to find the right one in a bar, never know if they’re scum praying on drunk girls or hiding from their wives with their ring in their pocket.

New to the area? Trying to break out of your shell? Check out Meetup! Never hurts to put yourself out there and see what is waiting for you! You can’t find your match watching Netflix on a Friday night… McDreamy doesn’t count. Grab a single friend and head out to one of the Meetup events tonight! It’s TIME!!

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The Dating Jungle Series as seen on BBC’s Almost Royal

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