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dtiphoneMost iPhone users are updating their smartphones for faster processing speeds, the additions of GIFS and the futuristic style. Apple also blessed iPhone users with all of the perks of the Apple watch! These additions are taking flirting to the next level.

  1. Send Doodles: If you have a cute little message or inside joke, you can write it(like you would on the Paint app on your computer) and send it! You can even send cute little pictures that you’ve scribbled. Maybe even an “xoxo.” I have subpar drawing skills so stick figures are the only thing hitting my crush’s inbox.
  2. Heartbeat: This one is mostly for the love birds. At any point throughout the day you can send your heartbeat to your partner. I think this is extremely romantic.  And if you’re trying to prove a point or are being a little dramatic, can even make the heart break after beating. Place two fingers on your screen for as long as you want the heartbeat to play and then take them off when you’re finish. To break the heart slide your fingers apart and the heartbeat will break and fall to the bottom of the screen.  That’ll be a way to get your feet rubbed at the end of the day.
  3. heartBlow virtual kisses: This one is my FAVORITE! Sometimes the kiss emoji just isn’t enough. Now you can tap two fingers and it blows a kiss to the recipient. So sweet!! This is definitely one that can be overused quickly so use them sparingly!!

WARNING: DO NOT overuse these new additions – that would be just as bad as sending excessive emojis or triple texting your crush if they take more than 3 minutes to respond. Now go update!