Internet Dating Advice for Men


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Okay, so you’re new to online dating, you’ve messaged some women, [hopefully] scheduled some first dates – now what? You have to keep track of who you have chemistry with, who you need to block and who you want to give a second chance to. It’s hard trying to find your match – especially when you can barely remember their name! Keep yourself busy, PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE! Here is some advice from Jerry, an experienced internet dater.

Jerry – 60 – in a LTR: “I have been utilizing internet dating since before the popular website came out. I remember the very first dating site was AOL Love. You had to be an AOL user in order to be on it. I’ve used almost every site out there for about 18 years. I created an excel spreadsheet to remember which woman I had contacted, I kept notes on them so if I saw them a year later on a different website I would know if we chatted or not. No sense in wasting our time if there wasn’t anything there. I did email the same women sometimes a year or so later. I always stated to the fact that ww had chatted in the past. A few women I met up with this way and some I did not.”


  • Keep some notes on former encounters.
  • If you contact persons you’ve chatted with prior, acknowledge that.
  • Keep tabs on old flames to see if something could be there done the road.



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The Dating Jungle Series as seen on BBC’s Almost Royal

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