Are you Circular Dating this Summer?


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The following is an excerpt from, “10 Rules to Survive the Internet Dating Jungle“—

Rori Raye coined this term within her eBook and a website with dating advice. She has some good concepts that I really like, one of which she calls “circular dating.” (You can find more information on her website here) The basic concept is that no man or woman should date only one person at a time. Also, don’t get attached to just one person from the first date on. This is a completely different concept of sleeping with multiple people. That obviously isn’t a good idea. I’m not talking about being a whore; I’m talking about going on lots of short meet-n-greets and then longer dinner dates until you find the one worth spending your time with. Until you have the talk of exclusivity, everyone is open to do what they want. mature-woman-on-a-date

The problem with most women is that we get attached after just one short date. In our head we are already committed. We place everything else on hold in our lives to see where it’s going to go with this man. We start investing tons of time and energy into this relationship and lose ourselves in the process even though there has been no talk of serious commitment. We assume the man is on the same page as us. We invest our hearts and many times our body. Women look at sex as a cementing of the relationship and then find out a few months down the road he’s been dating other women.

When you’re single and dating, assume that everyone is dating and seeing other people. Don’t assume that one date is to solidify a commitment.  That’s a discussion to be had with both parties involved that they want to be exclusive with each other. Until then, go have fun, go out on dates, and date yourself. The great thing about circular dating is that it helps build your self-esteem and it lets you know you have choices. Find the inner Bachelorette in you and get out there!

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The Dating Jungle Series as seen on BBC’s Almost Royal

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