Meditate to Heal a Broken Heart


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When dealing with a broken heart, you never really know how to start the healing process. Throughout my personal experience after a very emotional divorce, I made sure to log what worked to help me get on the path to healing. When things feel like they are out of your control turn to meditation and affirmations. Surrender yourself. This is step 3 of 5 to heal your broken heart.

Here are some tips for meditating:

  1. Sit in a quiet, comfortable place with no distractions. Turn off the TV, cell phone, computer. Meditate when everyone else is gone.
  2. To clear your mind, close your eyes and think of a happy place. Walking up and down the beach, the sun rising, whatever makes you happy.
  3. As thoughts, responsibilities and deadlines drift into your mind, float them out. Keep thinking of your happy place.
  4. Breathe deeply. Concentrate on inhaling and exhaling. Visualize the air coming in through your nose and out your mouth.
  5. As you become more relaxed think of positive affirmations:

a. I am happy, healthy, alive.

b. I matter.

c. I am gracious for my time here on Earth.

d.  I will live with an open heart.

e. I am a beautiful, intelligent person deserving unconditional love.

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