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Today we’re sharing some tips from “10 Rules to Survive the Dating Jungle” regarding Rule # 6.

Rule #6 : Respect Yourself & Your Boundaries

This rule should apply to any and every relationship you have—whether it be platonic or romantic. Stay firm on your boundaries and avoid getting taken advantage of. “Remember: it takes two people to make a dysfunctional relationship.

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10 Rules to Survive the Dating Jungle

When it comes to intimacy grab an adult toy before saddling up for a one-night stand. NSA /FWB  or open relationships always have a risk of emotional attachment and disappointment when both parties don’t feel the same way. The good thing is – your toy will never let you down. If you’re seeing someone, wait a few dates before jumping into bed with them. Feed into the excitement of “the chase” and stick to the teasing of some hot and heavy make out sessions.

Communication is vital to making any relationship work. So if your partner is having trouble understanding or accepting those boundaries – DITCH THEM! Because there is someone out there who is ready and willing to accept and respect you for who you are.