3 Topics You Should Avoid on a First Date


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In reality, the number of things you shouldn’t discuss on a first date are endless. Your main priority is to get to know the other person and try to create a good first impression. It’s best to keep the conversation light and playful when you’re meeting for the first time. Try not to get carried away with petty conversation that could possibly ruin the date or send the wrong message.


Remember to keep certain topics, like the ones below, off the table. Maybe you can reserve them for a later date, after you guys have gotten to know each other better.

  1. The Ex Factor. This should be a no-brainer. Talking too much about exes and past relationships could really make things awkward on a first date. Although it may seem reasonable to ask about a person’s past relationships as you’re getting to know them, it’s best to have this conversation at a more appropriate time. Not on a first date! If you speak negatively of your ex, you risk sounding like a bitter person or someone who likes to play the victim role. Even if you speak favorably of your ex, you could appear as if you’re still interested or holding on to some unresolved feelings. Either way, this could give your new lover the wrong impression. It’s best to leave the past in the past your first go-round.
  2. What are you looking for in a relationship? This seemingly innocent question can have grave consequences, so proceed with caution! There’s nothing wrong with knowing what you want in a relationship. Through trial-and-error – past relationships – you should know by now, or at least have an idea. However, you don’t want to seem forceful or demanding, as if you’re pushing your agenda on your date. Let nature to take its course. You want to enjoy each other’s company during your first encounter. Don’t scare your date off with a list of Do’s and Don’ts. Realistically, by the end of the date, you both will have enough information to be able to assess whether or not the other person is capable of meeting your expectations.
  3. Do you have Facebook? Instagram? Or Twitter? This is a real-life date. Not a digital projection of reality. You’re not in a group chat, a virtual meetup, or messaging your partner online. We already spend a great deal of our day connecting with our digital companions. Now is not the time to bring social media into a real-life situation, especially not a first date. Allow yourself to see and be seen without the filter. Furthermore, this could actually be a personal pet peeve and annoy your date if you bring it up. It’s best to leave the social media Q&A “Offline.”

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