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Jaclyn popped into Bachelor Paradise sporting a new cute blonde bob and jumper suit that barely kept her ta tas in place. Though I suppose that was part of her plan to lure the men away from their paradise girlfriends. Jaclyn plans on throwing chaos into the wind and states she doesn’t care who’s in a relationship already.

Jaclyn Swarts Bachelor in Paradise

She sets her claws on Jared whom Ashley I has been crying over for weeks now. Personally I think it’s fair game. Jared doesn’t seem to be that much into Ashley I, however he did accept a date with the virgin. (That would be Ashley not Jaclyn.) Ashley I made a desperate attempt to keep things afloat with Jared while Jaclyn was trying to swoop in on her man by getting an overnight date card.

Jared’s the one who’s going to be in a pickle now. As he’s going to spend the night with a virgin? Um a little advice to Ashley I from a non-virgin, sleeping with a guy who’s really not that into you, isn’t going to make him like you anymore. Guy’s think with their penis. The penis will do anything to get laid. It doesn’t care about you or your feelings. I think Jared is a nice guy, however, I don’t really see this ending well for anyone. I think we will see more tears from Ashley I in the following episodes.