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Britt Bachelorette 2015Britt gets to cry one last time on television. Unfortunately, those routing to keep two bachelorettes on the show this season were disappointed last night when the men voted Britt out. She does not get a second chance to find love on ABC’s 11th season of the Bachelorette.

However, Britt may still get lucky as one of the men left the rose ceremony abruptly while Kaityn was handing out flowers.  Brady Toops decides he wants to pursue Britt outside of TV reality and who knows, maybe he will have a real shot with her, if she can keep her tears at bay.

Ryan McDill was the first guy sent home by Chris, host of the show, because of his drunken antics. Shawn Evans, who came up in the hot tub car, exotic dancer Josh Seiter, Bradley Cox, and David did not receive a rose at the ceremony. Sorry ladies, no more tat covered abs to stare at 😦

Kaitlyn is left with 19 of her closest boyfriends to continue on the show with. Spoilers indicates that she intends to make out with every single on of them. I hope everyone brought their mouthwash.

We will see what happens next Monday!