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ABC premiered last nights new Bachelorette show with a twist. Two ladies competing for 25 guys hearts, er or maybe their ripped chests and a drunk one in wet briefs. The Bachelorette 2015 Season 11 is definitely pushing the envelope to keep viewers entertained and their ratings up by having two ladies on the show, Britt and Kaitlyn.


It was a little awkward watching the guys come out of the limo and decide which girl they wanted to approach first. I don’t think anyone wants remembrance of their school days hoping someone would ask them to dance, but that’s how this season started out. Two pretty girls in prom dresses waiting on suitors to choose them.

The men in this season are something to admire.. uh I mean drool over.. or roll your eyes at. Sometimes I wonder if the castings agents are drunk when they choose these candidates. We have our first stripper on the show. Josh Seiter looks like he just got out of prison with tats covering all his super defined abs. But he’s just getting naked to put himself through law school right? I mean if chicks can swing around a pole for a college education, guys should be able to right? We don’t want to discriminate!

Then there was the cupcake guy, who was actually kinda sweet. No pun intended. And a guy who showed in a car pool. Literally a car that had a pool inside.  I wonder how that works exactly? Are there breaks in the water? My car stops as soon as I drive in a puddle of rain. Hmmmmm…

Then of course we had the drunk guy who basically got naked and rolled around on the ground wet. Always have to have one of those to make it a party. I wonder how much ABC paid him to be the town idiot?

So basically the premise is the guys get to vote for one of the girls to see which one would stay and be the official Bachelorette. We didn’t get to find out last night because along with two chicks, we get double nights of fun to watch the circus play out.

However, the drunk dude got kicked off. So my speculation is now that we have an even amount of dudes left (including stripper guy, so ladies don’t cry yet, you will see his dance moves for at least one more night) that we will come up with a tie of roses tonight. And both ladies get to move onto the next round of hair pulling and back stabbing.

America will find out tonight!  I mean we have nothing better to do…. obviously… from watching the thousands of tweets that rolled in on the first episode.

bachelorette-cast-2015  ~ Tara Richter author of “The Dating Jungle Series”