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JdateI have reviewed many different dating sites, from being single over the last 2.5 years. Some good, some ok & some horrific. When I wrote and published my 2nd book, “10 Rules to Survive the Internet Dating Jungle” I was pretty much fed up with dating sites. It seemed to be the same people on all the sites with the same stories: no job, no education, men living with their parents couches wanting me to pick them up or pay for dinner. Now I know I live in Florida and well, majority of people are kinda lazy around here, but jeeze!

I have accomplished a lot in my life: traveled the world, written & published 4 books manage 7 properties and run 3 businesses. I’m smart, attractive and many have told me I have a charismatic personality. So the fact that I have not been able to find a man to date in Florida whose at least an equal, has been very frustrating.

After giving up on dating all together for months to fully concentrate on my business, my friend told me about her experiences with JDate.  Now I of course new about the site, I had other girlfriends on the site, but they were Jewish. So I never really thought it was an option for me. However, this friend was not Jewish, but was open to the idea of converting. One of the men I interviewed for my 2nd book was also Jewish and he had been on JDate and told me that there are many women who are not Jewish on the site.  I was surprised.  Even though I have always been open religious wise, never conforming to any particular view, I just felt it wasn’t my place to join a Jewish site if I was not.

After my girlfriend had a great experience on the dating site, I thought, ok I’ll give it a try. I was very apprehensive for a few different reasons. For one, the thought of going back to internet dating really made me want to throw up in my mouth and two, I felt like I was stepping on people’s toes by not being a shiksa. But I ripped off the band-aid and just did it. I’m a sucker for trying anything once!

So I posted my profile and waited a few weeks until I had some emails prior to paying for it. Once I had accumulated about 10 emails waiting for me I paid for it.  Most were older than myself, but all had great educations and jobs listed in their profiles which was very refreshing. Not just educated most had a PhD. Careers everywhere from TV Producer, Doctors, Legal, Real Estate & Nanotechnology to name a few. No one sleeping on mom’s couch! Many speak multiple languages. Their profiles were filled out as if they really did care about putting information in. Not like Plenty of Fish (POF) where guys just put a pic and just their name and you know nothing about them.

Everyone I chatted with online was very nice and gentlemen like. No one had an issue that I wasn’t Jewish, actually no one ever even mentioned it. Plus on this site, the guys are actually serious. They are not looking for a booty call. They’re looking for the one. To get married and settle down. This is the first site I’ve ever encountered with majority serious people on it. Let me tell you, I’ve tried them all: Match, POF, Ok Cupid, Zoosk, Craigs List, and more. This is the first site with real people looking for real relationships. Seriously blown away.

JDate is a great site. So far I’m very impressed and as a Dating Coach, it takes a lot to impress me. So we will see where my adventure takes me, who knows maybe I’ll find my mensch!

Tara Richter
Tara Richter is a Dating Coach in Tampa Bay, Author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and a Radio Show Host.