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Tonight was the official two hour season premiere of ABC’s The Bachelor (Season 18) with Juan Pablo, the first non-Caucasian Bachelor EVER. Last night was the Countdown to Juan Pablo special where we got to meet some of the 25 contestants, see Juan Pablo in his hometown of Miami with his family, and got a sneak peek into what we should expect from this season. If you missed it, you can get the special recap here.

The premiere kicks off with Juan getting some advice from the last Bachelor, Sean Lowe. Lowe advises him to be in the moment, only kiss women if the other women won’t see, and to not freak out when he starts developing feelings for more than one woman at once.

After being kicked off on Week 6 of Desiree’s season, Juan is ready to find a wife who “understands and appreciates family.” And he has an interesting pool of women to choose from (full cast and bios at the end). Instead of the usual 25 girls, he gets to choose from 27.

During the cocktail party they have a dance party and a photobooth. Juan gets a massage (and slightly molested) by one girl. Another girl, Lauren H., begins hysterically crying when she realizes how hard it is getting alone time with Juan and feels like a lot of her insecurities begin to surface throughout the night. When she finally gets alone time with him she uses it to talk about these insecurities, her failed engagement, and heartbreak over losing her ex’s son. Both end up getting sent home.

He gives the first impression rose to Sharleen (opera singer), who tells the cameras that she was slightly disappointed because she didn’t feel the instant spark with Juan like she was expecting.

Previews for the upcoming season include the usual romantic adventures and crying women, as well as girl fights, Juan getting pissed on multiple occasions, and one girl even saying “I hope he dies.”

The Bachelor Season 18 Cast & Bios

  • Alexis, 24, Communications Director, Tampa, Fl
  • Alli, 26, Miami OH university graduate from Chicago, IL (comes out with a soccer ball to show him that she also plays soccer)
  • Amy J., 31, Massage Therapist from Apopka, FL (wants a man who loves to “be rubbed by her”)
  • Amy L., 27, Local News Reporter from Clermont, FL
  • Andi 26, Assistant District Attorney in Buckhead, GA
  • Ashley Poe, 25 First Grade School Teacher from Denton, Texas, previously a beauty queen (gives him a gold star sticker)
  • Cassandra, 21 former NBA dancer from Shelby Township, MI (had a really awkward silence meeting him out of the limo)
  • Chantel, 27, Account Manager from Miami, FL (teaches him how to properly pronounce her name)
  • Chelsie, 24, Science Educator from Lexington, OH (does a science experiment with goggles and test tubes)
  • Christine, 23, Police Report Specialist from Miami, FL (brought a bracelet for his daughter)
  • Christy, 24, Marketing Manager from Aurora, IL
  • Clare, 32, Hairstylist from Sacramento, CA (comes out of the limo with a fake baby bump)
  • Danielle, 25, Psychiatric Nurse from Litchfield, IL
  • Elise, 27, First Grade Teacher from Forty Fort, PA
  • Kat, 29, Medical Sales Rep, Iowa City, IA (salsa dances with him)
  • Kelly, 27, Dog Lover from Conyers, GA (brings a dog with her)
  • Kylie, 23, Interior Designer from Rockford, IL
  • Lacy, 25, Nursing Home Owner from Antelope Acres, CA (brings him a fake prescription for the symptoms he might experience with stress from the night)
  • Lauren H., 25, Mineral Coordinator from Edmond, OK (was previously engaged but dumped)
  • Lauren S., 26, Music Composer from Detroit, MI (literally comes in playing a piano on wheels)
  • Lucy, 24, Free Spirit from Santa Barbara, CA (comes out barefoot and with a flower headband)
  • Maggie, 24, Personal Banker from Wagener, SC (has a thick southern accent and gives him a fishing hook to symbolize Juan as the “big catch she’s been waiting for)
  • Nikki, 26, Pediatric Nurse from Kearney, MO (uses a stethoscope to show Juan how fast her heart was beating when she was meeting him)
  • Renee, 32, Real Estate Agent, Martha’s Vineyard, MA (has an 8 year old son)
  • Sharleen, 29, Opera Singer from Ottawa, Canada
  • Valerie, 26, Personal Trainer from Sutter, CA (warns that she will be very competitive with the other girls and isn’t scared to “scratch some eyeballs”, wears cowboy boots under her gown)
  • Victoria, 24, Legal Assistant from Porto Alegre, Brazil

(*girls not bolded got sent home)

Tara Richter
Tara Richter is a Dating Coach in Tampa Bay, Author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and a Radio Show Host.