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The new trend in dating, is apps on your smart phone. I’ve done a previous review on the Tinder Dating app, but I have some more real world experiences to share with you as my friends venture out into the technical dating scene:

I’m definitely learning some Tinder tricks and things to watch out for.  Now that I have had the “Tinder Strangler” experience, as I call it, I’ve noticed some other tell-tale signs to look out for. I’ve noticed that the young guys who come out of the gate being exceptionally complimentary, almost stunned by your beauty and gushing about how pretty you are (stuff like “Jesus, Jodi, you are gorgeous.  Why are you single?”) are the shady ones.  The more they butter you up and make you feel like they are awed by you and can’t wait to meet you and don’t know how they lived before you are the ones who want to tie you up and put you in the trunk – Jodi McLean

I definitely have to agree with Jodi on this one. The guys that lay it on real thick in the beginning, make you wonder A) Do they say this to every girl they meet? B) Are they just trying to get laid? Being honest is best and if you genuinely think a girl is good looking, just say it once without going over board. Complementing a girl is totally fine and yes we like it, but don’t cover us is a goo of fake fillers. Only do it when you honestly feel compelled to. False flattery only makes you come off as a creepy and that trick only works on girls with low self-esteem. Real women who are secure within themselves can see through the counterfeit ego boosting. Men should want a woman who likes them for who they really are, not a pseudo self.

Tara Richter

Tara Richter is a Dating Coach in Tampa Bay. She is the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and a Radio Show Host.