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Hotel Floridan TampaI stayed at the Floridan Hotel in Tampa Florida Sat November 30th. I had never been to this hotel & it was very nicely restored. We had some drinks in the Sapphire room where the bartender Sibyl was very nice and accommodating.

I was wearing a Sapphire colored dress with  matching sapphire sequined blue coach purse. That night I decided to accessorize my outfit it with my gorgeous 15 inch silver choker paved with Swarovski crystals and matching bracelet. The bartender came over to our table & complimented me on my jewelry because she said she could see it sparkle from across the room. This Swarovski set was my wedding jewelry that totaled about $1,000.

My friend and I stayed at the hotel that night, room 1802 to be specific. We both left very early in the morning around 6:30AM. I accidentally left my jewelry in the bathroom as I was tired and not fully awake yet. I finally realized at around 11AM that day I did not have my necklace & bracelet with me. I searched my purse & car, no where to be found. I called my friend and they remembered seeing it on the bathroom counter that morning. We called the hotel immediately & they said it had all ready been cleaned and the staff never saw it. Seriously?

The hotel manager was not helpful at all. He said they asked the staff and no one had any information & that’s all they could do. The owner was at the hotel in the morning, knew about it & never called me or reached out to me in any way. So I filed a police report and came back to the hotel. When I confronted the manager Edwin, he was nervous and acted strange. I had my empty boxes where my jewelry should be. He said there was nothing they can do. My friend met me back at the hotel and asked Edwin where the owner was & that the cops were coming. The manager responded, “The owner may or may not be here.” Is this how you treat your guests? A paying guest that has a $1,000 stolen from them? Absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced! They treated me and made me feel like I was the criminal.

Finally the Tampa Police Dept. arrived. The officers were very helpful and noted how unorganized the staff was too. The manager told police they don’t keep records on when the staff works. What floors they clean nor do not run background checks on their employees! We went back to room 1802 with the police to search it. The key the manager gave us didn’t even work, but I still had mine so I used it to enter. The 4 of us ripped the room apart, but of course the necklace & bracelet were long gone by then.

The hotel has never called me in regards to this matter. For a small locally owned hotel this is the absolute worse treatment I have ever experienced. This is a felony grand theft charge and no one has tried to rectify the situation. That was the first time I stayed at that hotel, but I will never go back & tell my friends to never go there either. I am the customer, not the criminal. Businesses need to change their ways if they’re going to make it. This just blows my mind.

Swarovski chokerThis is a picture of me wearing the jewelry at the Tampa Business Woman of the Year Award Ceremony.

If anyone in the Tampa Bay area has seen it, someone else wearing it, or possibly at a pawn shop, please send me an email within my contact info page here so I can get into contact with you.

Sincerely, Tara Richter