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I just accomplished this myself so I’m going to share with you how I did it. I’m going to a black tie event next Friday and I wanted a date to accompany me. I had a few guys I know would go, but I wanted to take someone new. So I posted an AD on Craigslist (yes Craigslist)  for exactly what I was looking for and got my date in less than 20 minutes.

1)      Be precise for what you are looking for. I knew exactly what “type” of guy I wanted to attend the event with me. I want him to look good in a suite or tux, tall, attractive and be able to carry on an intelligent conversation. Since this event is going to be filled with business owners, I needed to know he could rub elbows with that sort of crowd. So I titled my AD, “Seeking Gentlemen to Accompany me to a Black Tie Event.”  By doing this I weeded out the men that wouldn’t wear a tux or be comfortable in that environment.

2)      Within the AD describe in more detail. Then I spelled it out that you have to be intelligent, I wanted someone tall because I am tall and when wearing heels I don’t want to tower over my date. I also put my age to hopefully get men in my dating pool (no more than 10 years older of younger.)

3)      Post a good photo of you. I put a photo of myself from New Year’s Eve dress up. So they would see what I look like in fancy attire. Make sure to take an excellent photo of Richter_Tara_Dating_ Coachyourself and put your best foot forward. Even if you have a few pounds to loose, wear an outfit that compliments your figure. Stand in a way that the camera and angles show you in the best light. You can take off 20 pounds with the right techniques. I teach all my girlfriends this move. The picture here demonstrates it well. You stand, then take your left foot out and point it. Say if your facing N your left foot would be pointing W. You twist your body, your hips are point E & W then twist your shoulders towards N & S. Twisting, sucking in, chin out & voilà! You’ve lost 20 pounds & elongated your body & will look great in photos.

4)      Weed Out Responses Quickly. After posting my AD I received about 50 emails in less than 20 minutes. I had to take it down soon after because my email box was flooded with men. Since I was very precise in what I was looking for I had guys emailing me photos of themselves in suits & tuxedos!  It was fantastic I didn’t even have to leave my house while I did the casting call. I quickly scanned the photos & what they wrote. I had non-negotiables in mind & weeded out the ones that didn’t fit. The 7th email I read was exactly what I wanted: 33 years old, 6 ft tall, curly brown hair, pretty eyes, has written & published a book of his own (awesome I know we are similar in that regard) he designs websites (I have a degree in graphic design) & he’s originally from Wisconsin, perfect I’m from the Midwest too! He also looked good in his suit, winner winner chicken dinner! I found my date in less than 20 minutes! I emailed him & we set up a meeting for coffee the following day.

Bonus was he showed up in a ’77 Mustang Fastback, one of my favorite cars! And looked just like his photos. If you’re not getting the responses you want, it might be your photos, your headline or you’re not describing in detail exactly what you want. You get what you pitch for. Be honest with yourself how are people really seeing you?  Are you representing yourself honestly? Do you need to loose some weight? Get your hair done. Yes, people can criticize and say I get a date in 20 minutes because I’m good looking, well let me tell you I didn’t always look like this.

In high-school I was overweight, nerdy & played the cello. Do you think I got dates then? Absolutely not. I was unhappy with myself so I changed. Over the course of a summer I lost weight figured out how to dress and do my hair & makeup from watching movies & reading magazines. I went from orchestra nerd to being voted most desirable female of the senior class.  It can be done! I did it myself. I can help you too. If you think your in need of a dating make-over contact me today & find out about my Dating Jungle Boot Camp!

Tara Richter

Tara Richter is a Dating Coach in Tampa Bay & the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and an Internet TV Show Host.