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Heart shape made up of computer mouse wire over white backgroundNow don’t get your panties all up in a wad from the title of this blog. If you have read my books and seen my internet tv show, you know very well I always believe in honesty within your online profiles. However, I do believe there are some circumstances where you should use discrepancy as to what information you put in your profile.

Your online profile is only going to consist of a few paragraphs on information for someone to get to know you well enough to see if they want to go out on a date with you.  You want to make sure that it’s sweet and to the point so your reader does not get bored. It also needs to reflect you in the best light.

The problem I have seen with someo of my clients and even myself, is that if you have a very prestigious type of career, it might attract the wrong kinds of people. For example if you are a wealthy doctor or business owner and make a very nice living for yourself, you may attract the women or men who are looking for a sugar daddy/ sugar momma. If you are ok with that, no problem post pictures of all your flashy cars and houses. However, if you’re more down-to-earth and you are looking for a partner who values you for your personality and not your wallet, make sure you are leading with the right foot.

If you are a man and keep getting the “gold diggers” or “trophy wives” and you would rather have a fun lady to go paddle boarding with and fishing, then tone down your profile. It may come off as too flashy and deterring the “real women.” For example if you are a wealthy doctor instead of stating that in your profile leave it general & say you are in the medical field. That’s a broad category which does describe your career, yet you could be anything from a surgical tech or nurse to running your own practice. Concentrate on describing your hobbies and fun stuff you like to do in your bio to attract women with similar interests. When you get to know someone a few dates in and you know they might be someone you want to go the distance with, then tell them your exact position. Most women wouldn’t be too upset, it would be more of a nice surprise. Then you can explain you have difficulties with only getting the “gold digging” girls and you were only trying to avoid that by making sure she likes you for what on the inside.

On the flip side with attracting people that only want you for your sexy body and for intimate encounters, don’t post photos of you in a bikini or shirtless in underwear. You get what you fish for. Wear clothes that you look good in, not slutty. Cover up your boobs and abs unless that’s the kind of attention you’re looking for. Women if you post photos of yourselves half naked, cleavage out & kissy faces, then don’t be surprised with the sexual requests you get. Post photos of you dressed nicely, suit or dresses like a classy lady would. Don’t give up the goods to early on. With that being said, some women or men will get replies for sex even when they are wearing a turtle neck, if you have a very attractive face. Those people you can just ignore. Dry to dress to impress the type of person you ultimately want in your life.

Tara Richter

Tara Richter is an Internet Dating Coach in Tampa Bay. She is the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and an Internet TV Show Host.