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TinderThe new trend in the single jungle now is dating apps on your smart phone. This is completely different than online dating sites. Where OkCupid has a website and you fill out the profile with all your information and then download the app to read emails. With the dating apps there is no website linked to it. Everything is in the app on your phone.

You download the app from the iTunes store then install it on your iPhone and login with your Facebook account. (Yes, you must have FB to use Tinder.) It populates your important info from your account. 5 photos, your name, your tagline and your friend list. I really don’t like my friend list being populated into a dating site. My computer programmer friends tell me the reason they do this is because then people know your identity and that you’re not a fraud. Yes, I get this, however people can still open up fake FB accounts to link to these sites.

Anyway, so this small bit of information is pulled in to create your Tinder profile. Then Tinder finds your location with GPS and locates potential dates close to you. You can change your preferences for how many miles away, if your looking for males or females and the age. Speaking of which, I need to change that preference right now. I kept wondering why I was matched up with such young guys as my screen shot from above, 18? I’m 35 jeeze. Ok, well apparently the age selector doesn’t work well. I just switched it to 30-42 & all my matches are still coming up 21, 23?? Does this mean Tinder is not made for middle aged people? LOL

Ok so now to get a date! What you do is play a game. Peoples photos pop up and you either click the X button under their pic for no you don’t like them or the heart button for yes you do like them. It then shuffles through the photos like a deck of cards. Almost like dating Russian roulette. If you click yes on someone and they have also clicked yes, then you have a match & it throws them into another page where you can initiate a chat session with each other.

It seems they are copying the concept of Face Smash from Mark Zuckerberg when he breached security at Harvard University to create the game where college students would rate other students based on their photos.  This is the same concept yet you either say you like them or not. The app is very superficial as you basically have no info other than photos, name & age.

I have yet to meet anyone in person from this app. I have chatted with a few guys from Tinder. However, Tinder does not pull your location from Facebook, so when I look at their “card” I have no idea where they live? For instance I matched with a guy and he asked if I lived in FL, well yea? I thought it did it by location I told him. He responded yes, but he travels so he pulled up Orlando when he was there. So I have no clue where this guy actually lives. I don’t like that because I don’t want to start a long distance relationship with someone, so that’s a waste of time in my opinion. Been there, done that & got the t-shirt for a LDR.

I’ve played the game a few times, yet then I get bored. I guess I need a little bit more interaction versus being a monkey clicking on pictures. Personally this really isn’t the app for me. It seems more like a hookup app. As when you move your location it’s going to pull up people in that area. So is this meant for one nighters or meeting within hours of liking someone’s photo? Because I’m not that kind of girl. I want to get to someone a little bit before meeting up.

I don’t know if anyone else has had success with Tinder Dating app? Any marriages blossomed? Probably too soon to tell. Yet I rate it 2 out of 5 stars. I need a little more than pretty pictures to keep me entertained.

Tara Richter

Tara Richter is an Internet Dating Coach in Tampa Bay. She is the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and an Internet TV Show Host.