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We Can Do It! Poster by J. Howard MillerI receive many different relationship newsletters from various people to keep an eye out for what’s going on there in the dating jungle, to read up on others opinions. After reading many articles from various sources you want to know what I’m sick of? I’m sick of all the other experts telling women to be someone that they are not.

These experts are telling us women constantly that we need to walk on egg shells around men. Don’t talk about marriage or kids too soon it will scare them away! Don’t cuss or swear that’s not lady like. Don’t talk about your job too much or sound too independent, they want a woman who needs them. Men are on their own time line, don’t push them into relationship status. Don’t’ say this, don’t do that. Be feminine, bake cookies and be all ooey gooey girly goodness to attract a man.. I say FUCK THAT!

I’m sick of hearing all this crap that we have to watch out for their egos and their feelings, oh wait we can’t talk about feelings because they freak out and their heart rate goes up because they don’t know how to communicate. Oh gee golly bee whiz! WTF?!

Well what about us? What about women? What about our relationship timeline? What about our need to communicate? What about us wanting to be independent, strong, assertive women?! What about our needs! I’m not going to put up with anybody’s crap. I will tell you exactly how I feel and not sugar coat it.

I’m an alpha female all the way! And I’m damn proud of it! I’m not going to apologize for it or my business or my independence, my assertiveness or my cussing. This is who I am, take it or leave it. I’m not men bashing here either, it takes a strong man to deal with a strong alpha female. Most boys cannot. They get intimidated & threatened so they try to dumb us down, put us on guilt trips and cut our self-esteem. Well it won’t work. Where are all the strong men? Where are the REAL men at that want a REAL woman? That’s what I want to know because I have not found one since my divorce to a boy. I want a MAN.

I’m not going to apologize about the fact that I can run a successful business all by myself, manage 4 properties, coordinate 2 real estate transactions, write and produce a radio show, coach clients all at the same time & still have time for fun with my friends and traveling. I won’t express regret at all. If you can’t handle an awesome woman, then step aside. If they would realize this brings added value to a relationship, yet boys egos are too fragile. Once again, where are all the MEN at?

Well I’m here representing all the strong alpha females out there in the dating jungle who can do it all on their own. Conquering the world with a smile on their face while wearing cheetah stilettos! So, ladies stop reading all this garbage about changing who you are and doing everything to change you to fit into a mold that a man wants you to be. I’m not changing a damn thing about myself. It’s difficult dating as an alpha female, this I know. Yet times are changing, don’t change who you are.  If you hold out for a REAL man eventually he will find his way to you. Pave the path, breathe and let the universe lead the way.

Tara Richter

Radio Show Host, Certified Dating Coach & Author of “Survive the Dating Jungle Serieswww.datingjunglebook.com www.tararichter.com