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Five Ways to Heal a Broken Heart

By Tara Richter

    If you want to know how to reconnect with your inner “broken heart” this is the book for you. Everyone has a definition about a broken heart, some say it is sadness other say it is something I have to “get on with my life” but the broken heart remains broken as if you are undergoing forever a  Post-Traumatic Stress . The truth is that this book what you have to get down and do in a pathway to have you  to start and dig “deep” into your being to come out at the other end of the tunnel and become what I call a Real You. Moments in this book border on powerful discoveries that appear simple but as in all nature simple survives to overcome adversity.

In my opinion as to what I mean from the author’s words that when you follow the book you rise to the center of consciousness of the Real You that is what you feel: feel then that you are continually speaking from your heart and not a remaining broken heart.

As a medical scientist and man, I will give you from my heart from reviewing this book that you can always keep in mind that if a person accepts the Real You following these book pathways of action, you will have the best of all possible communications and relationships. If you gain acceptance through the false you with still a broken heart, you will only have superficial communication and hence a relationship that is fragile at its best moments.

One of the lessons from the book is called “Lessons from a Pigeon” is to recognize that you can fly higher.

I recommend this book for your reading and add what the authors is calling “marasmus”  for a big hug for your family and your love will get your brain working for a happy healing and love and new start on the pathway “to heal a broken heart.”

Dr. Winn Parker Ph.D. M.T. American Society of Clinical Pathology

“5 Steps to Heal a Broken Heart” can be purchased here