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European MankiniIf you listened into our radio show last Tuesday night & were wondering what the Mankini was we discussed, here’s your visual! Would you wear this to the beach this summer?? I personally hope this trend stays in Europe & doesn’t squirm it’s way over to Florida beaches anytime soon!  Listen to our podcast here on the Mankini, Cheaters & 10 Toxic People you Should Never Date.

QUESTION: According to an online study, women with what color hair are more likely to cheat? (From Cheaterville.com)

a) Black

b) Blonde

c) Red

d) Brown

ANSWER: Blondes

Apparently, blondes really do have more fun. According to a recent online survey conducted by Cheaterville.com, a support website for those who’ve been cheated on, a whopping 42 percent of users said female cheaters had blonde hair, while 23 percent cited red hair, 20 percent cited brown and 11 percent cited black. For men, it’s brunette spouses you have to worry about. According to the site, 40 percent of male cheaters had brown hair. With this being said, I wonder if it was true blondes or women who highlight their hair blondes? I’m personally really a true brunette who highlights her hair blonde and I don’t cheat 🙂

On the male side of it, 40% of women said their husbands who had cheated were brunettes.

Where can you report a cheater? Well apparently you can create an account and list cheating boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, husbands pretty much anyone on Cheaterville.com. My curiosity got the better of me & I had to search my ex-husband on this site, since I know of at least 5 women he manipulated and cheated with while we were together, amazingly he was not listed.

Then it made me think, should we air other peoples dirty laundry? If you would have asked me this question 2 years ago while I was sitting in the courthouse was for our divorce to be finalized I would have said hell yea! I pretty much screamed it from the mountain tops once I found out.  If I had the money I would have purchased billboards with his name on it up and down every highway in the state of Florida.

Today if you ask me that question, my answer is completely different. I don’t think I really need to post it out there. I’m sure he hasn’t changed his evil ways, yet it’s not my life. People come in and out of each others lives for a lesson to be learned. If I never would have met my ex and went through the hardest heart break of my entire life, I would have never taped into my inner creativity, started my business “The Dating Jungle” and really discovered who I am as a person. In a way the deepest sorrow made me re-program my brain and do a 180 within my life.

Almost 2 years later I’m happier than I ever was before I met him.  In a way I suppose I should thank him, yet I just wish he could finally discover his inner demons and be able to do the same 180 with his life, if not for himself, at least for his son.

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Tara Richter
Tara Richter is an Internet Dating Coach in Tampa Bay. She is the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and an Internet TV Show Host.