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DatingJungleRadioUnfortunately last night’s show was cut short due to technically difficulties with blog talk radio. We did not get a chance to discuss all the topics we promoted. However, we did fully discuss the “10 Tips from the Wing Woman”. We are in the process of possibly moving the show to another studio so we can bring you consistent Dating Jungle fun every Tuesday nights. You can listen to the portion that was recorded here prior to blog talks servers crashing.

Here is the list of “10 Tips from the Wing Woman”:

  1. Clean the inside and outside of your car prior to going out: Even if you are going out for the night by yourself, clean your car and the passengers area out. If circumstances arise that you end up taking a lady home or to another bar, she’s going to be turned off if your car is a mess and she can’t sit in your car comfortably.
  2. If you are driving with a lady out to the bar either drop her off at the front door or valet: When women get dressed up and wear their sexy stilettos, don’t make them walk all over the place. Yes, looking good is painful for us. If we have to walk a long distance to get to the destination, then our feet hurt by the time we get there. Be a gentlemen and compassionate of us looking good for you, drop her off at the door.
  3. If you valet, bring enough cash to pay for it: Never make the woman pay for valet in the beginning of dating/ hanging out. You’re the man you got this taken care of.
  4. Have cash on you before getting to the bar: You need cash for impromptu situations. If you’re at a table with a few girls and the jello shot waitress comes over with bottles of whip cream and asks the girls if they want jello shots, seize the moment! Buy jello shots for everyone. If you don’t have cash & need to go to the ATM, by the time you get back the moment is over.
  5. Never take the only seat at the table full of girls: If there’s 1 chair at a table and all the girls are standing then you need to stand too. It’s just like taking the only seat on the bus and letting the 85 yr old grandma stand, it’s just not right. A man should stand so its easier for conversation and to be erect with your shoulders out to establish a subtle dominance. When most people sit they slouch and that’s not demonstrating authority.
  6. Complement a Woman: When you can tell a woman has taken the time to get all dolled up to go out for the night, compliment her. Nothing over the top, but just acknowledge it, especially if you are going out together. If you meet her at the bar compliments are still always good. If she’s wearing something that stands out like a pair of Cheetah Stilettos. Women take pride in putting out outfits together.  Say you walk up to the bar and she’s standing there, while you are waiting for you drink say, “Wow those heels are fierce.” You get your drink and walk back to your friends. She’ll remember you during the night because you planted the seed, then wait for it to grow.
  7. Buy her a drink: If you are having a conversation with a woman do not let her sit there with an empty cup for 20 minutes. Apparently some experts are now telling men NOT to buy women drinks. That’s BAD advice. However, I do not think your initial pick up line should be, “Can I buy you a drink?” Because then the girl can take the drink and walk away. You should start out with other conversation and see if she’s receptive or looking away. If she’s receptive, buy her a drink. It’s really annoying when a guy will chat you up for 30 mins, try to get your number and NEVER buy you a drink. I would not give my number to that guy.
  8. Offer to hold or watch her drink when she goes to the bathroom: Especially if you’re in “standing room only” type atmosphere. It’s difficult to take a drink, purse into the stall with you and balance everything. Plus if you have her drink she will come back to you afterwards. However, with some issues of “date rape” drug and other people who slip stuff into women’s drinks, this can be a “feel it out” type situation. You know her drink is safe with you, but she may not. If you offer and she says no, let her take it with her. As women we want to be safe and you never know which guys are creepy, crazy, etc. If she says no, respect her decision and don’t take it personally.
  9. Cupids Shuffle: Only participate with inline dances when you know the moves. If not, it doesn’t look good and you’ll be bumping around into people all over the dance floor. They may think you’re either too drunk or uncoordinated, none of which are attractive traits. Practice the moves at home with the video and get it down prior to going out dancing.
  10. Relax and have fun: Don’t put too much pressure on any situation. Go out with no expectations of where the night will go. Maybe you’ll meet some cool people and make friends, or maybe you’ll meet a great woman or maybe it will be a low-key kind of night. Having expectations is going to put too much stress on the night. Just have fun! Otherwise you’ll look tense and uptight.  Let the night organically unfold.

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Tara Richter
Tara Richter is an Internet Dating Coach in Tampa Bay. She is the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and an Internet TV Show Host.