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Man with two womenWhat is a “Wing Woman” and how can she help transform your love life? “A Wing Woman” is a beautiful woman who will go out with a man to the bars and night clubs to raise his stock in other women’s eyes. Every man wants a beautiful woman by his side. Every woman knows when a man has a beautiful woman with him, it makes her wonder how he snagged her. If you’ve ever felt invisible out in a night club, a “Wing Woman” can help you. Not only will she help raise your stock, she will help you when encountering social situations out and how to interact with other gorgeous women. An example of this is kind of like the movie “Can’t Buy me Love” with Patrick Dempsey. However, it’s not being paid to be someone’s girlfriend, yet the concept of how he became popular because he hung out with good looking girl in school. If you’re interested in obtaining the “Wing Woman” services in the Tampa Bay area email Tara at datingjungle@icloud.com.

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Can Hypnotherapy Heal a Broken ♥ Heart? Hypnotherapy can heal your heart faster than just meditation and self-healing alone. When we feel a deep connection to someone, we are sharing our energy from out heart with this other person. When we’re not fully happy within ourselves, we attach to the other persons heart in a clingy way because it’s the only way we feel love. When that person leaves the energy is severed “breaking the heart”. If you are secure within yourself the energy would flow within you, if not, the energy leaves with that other person. Hypnotherapy can help unblock the reasons why this happens. You can visit the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy​ for more information.

What is a “Female Hitch”? Just like Will Smith in “Hitch” it’s a similar concept. As a Female Hitch, Tara can help you sharpen you’re dating skills. However being a female you test your skills directly with her. In a series of mock dates, Tara will give you feedback and advice after the date takes place. Have you ever been on a date and the woman never called you back? You had a great time and have no idea why she isn’t returning your phone calls? When utilizing the “Female Hitch” services, you will get direct feedback as to why you are not getting follow up dates. Then use that information to change your results. If you are interested in utilizing these services, contact Tara at datingjungle@icloud.com

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Tara Richter
Tara Richter is an Internet Dating Coach in Tampa Bay. She is the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and an Internet TV Show Host.