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couple kissingMen can smell a desperate woman a mile away. Those males who want to take advantage of an easy to manipulate and control female will be attracted to them like a magnet. They can hunt them out of a crowd like a jaguar hunting its prey. They can sense on a subconscious level this type of woman will not put up much of a fight and it’s an easy kill. Insecure women with low self-esteem demonstrate these qualities without even knowing it. Like an invisible aura around you. That aura attracts the type of mate who within himself is also insecure deep down inside.

However, the same is true for a strong, emotionally stable, happy, independent woman. The insecure male who goes after desperate women, will be scared away by such strength because he knows deep down inside this type of woman will call him out on his shit and won’t put up with it. He knows that men can come and go out of her life and she will be just fine. Why? Because her self-worth comes within and not from a man. A real man will also sense this on a subconscious level and be attracted to her. The kind of man she needs who is also strong and confident.

A real man who’s resilient, self-assured, loving and sincere will be bored with the clingy, desperate women. Its way to easy for him and he will bull doze them over. Not even because he wants to, but because it’s in his nature. He needs and wants a woman who challenges him mentally, physically and will call him out when he’s wrong. But will also support, love and stand by him forever. This real man doesn’t want a “yes” woman he wants someone who will tell him the truth. “Yes” people don’t help us grow and develop. Only the truth does. If you’re confident within yourself you can be honest and tell the truth to a man. He will love you for it.

Be that strong, confident woman that men swoon too and can’t get enough of. How can you achieve this? By loving you and making a full, rich life for yourself independent of a man. So when the total package comes into your life, he’ll want to share in the happiness you’ve made. He will sense deep down inside that your self-esteem doesn’t depend on him. That you don’t need him to survive, you want him to take part in your wonderful life. That will be a relief to him since so many women do the opposite. When he doesn’t have all the pressure of your life riding on him day to day, he can relax and be himself around you, which is what he ultimately desires to do. Then both of you can just have fun and enjoy each other’s company and allow true love to develop.

Tara Richter
Tara Richter is an Internet Dating Coach in Tampa Bay. She is the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and an Internet TV Show Host.