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Sean Lowe Bachelor No PantsWho gets to spend the rest of their life with this? They start off in Thailand for the last episode. Sean’s family flies in to meet the last two girls, Catherine and Lindsay. Catherine gets to meet the family first.  Sean’s mother asks Catherine how she feels about her son and she kind of darts the question. She keeps talking about learning about “herself” but not so much about ”we”. Talking about the Bachelor experience and what she’s learned about herself not that it was possible to find true love.  Then Sean’s niece yells out, “Emily didn’t pick you!” LMAO that was hilarious.

Lindsay comes in with presents. Sean says “I don’t think Lindsay would do anything to make my family not like her” um like wear a wedding dress and get wasted?  Sean’s dad is a little flirtatious with both girls and making them both cry, Jesus if AshLee were here they’d both be bawling about her abandonment issues. Lindsay’s head at least seems to be more in the right spot about marriage and her feelings with Sean.

Sean’s mom doesn’t think he should propose to either one of them. I agree with her. He should have kept Leslie M. She was my favorite.  Watching Sean talk to his mom in front of the lake with lily pads I keep thinking Tierra is going to climb out from the water and start screaming at his mom for taking her sparkle away!

Lindsay and Sean take a little boat ride down a Makong River. Lindsay says she can see them as a married couple, Sean replies that she would be a hot old chick. Way to woo a lady. Nothing says love like that.

On Catherine’s last date they ride an elephant. Another romantic date, but not as quixotic as their snow date where they drove some huge rig in a blizzard. Catherine seems to be struggling with her feelings. “I’ve been so desperate for love” isn’t a good way to start off a relationship. She finally tells Sean she loves him and then starts crying. She says she’s not getting feedback from him and can’t tell if he feels the same way back.

We can’t go an entire episode without a shirtless – rub – my – body – down – with – lotion scene. I think I’m actually going to miss those after tonight. Lindsay looks excited and Catherine looks terrified. I’d say yes just to be able to wear that huge glistening rock on my finger. And to watch Sean rub lotion on his body every day. That’s a nice perk too.

Chris interviews a few of the girls Sean dumped earlier. AshLee says she can see that he has more fun with the last two girls versus she’s more conservative. Is that just a nice way of saying I-really-just-have-a-stick-up-my-ass-and-abandonment-issues?

Lindsay is the first one out of the limo. He tells her he loves her and she has all the qualities he wants in a wife, but just not her. She’s blind-sided as she didn’t see it coming. He starts crying and Lindsay looks like she’s going to bitch slap him.

Catherine gives Sean a letter. Initially they try to play it off as a break-up letter but it’s not. She tells Sean that she’s happy to start a life with him. She walks a mile in heels on pebbles to get to his proposal throne.  He tells her he loves her and proposes. She says yes and they ride their elephant off into the sunset.

Tara Richter
Tara Richter is an Internet Dating Coach in Tampa Bay. She is the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and an Internet TV Show Host.