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The Bachelor Sean Lowe Women Tell AllOf course this episode only gets about 5 minutes in until Sean takes off his shirt. He goes to crash viewer’s houses and then gets naked. If his 10 minutes of fame wears off too soon he could always get a job as a male gigolo.

And 12 minutes in we see him shirtless once again. Then all the girls first start talking about Tierra of course. Leslie M said her sparkle didn’t sparkle very much. All the girls think she faked most of her drama just to get attention. I wonder if Tierra will fall coming on the stage while walking out and need an ambulance to take her away one last time.  She’s got to have a frequent punch card by now. Buy 2 ambulance rides get one free?

Tierra walks out on stage and amazingly doesn’t break any bones while doing it. She talks about her sparkle once again and what a good person she is and morals she has. Obviously she’s delusional. She blames it on getting the very first rose, yet it was her personality that ruined it throughout the entire show. Tierra doesn’t apologize about any of her behaviors during the show. I think she blames it all on her eyebrow, it’s not her fault she can’t control what it does.

Tierra still plays the victim despite what the other girls have to say. Though, I see a ring on her finger, that’s the only thing that’s actually sparkling on stage. My question is who would want to marry crazy? He obviously hasn’t seen the shows yet.

Sarah says she took her walls down with Sean and told him things she didn’t tell her friends. She says she gets strung along with lots of guys over and over again. It was definitely a tear jerker to watch.

Desiree takes the hot seat. She said she was falling in love with Sean. It’s too bad her brother was such a douche bag. She drank warm goat’s milk and her brother ruined it all. I would donkey punch him in the throat.

AshLee of course starts talking about her abandonment issues. She says Sean healed her broken heart. Oops, he did it again he made her believe they were more than just friends.  She thought Sean was her soul mate that he completed her. See ladies that is exactly where she went wrong. She needs to complete herself first and then find a companion. She needs to see a therapist and get over her abandonment issues first and foremost.

Sean finally makes it to the stage. AshLee finally speaks to Sean. He responds that he couldn’t find the laughter with AshLee. She doesn’t understand why he put her through the rose ceremony; um did you forget you’re on a TV show? She puts Sean on the spot and says he told her there were no feelings between him and the two girls left standing, yet he denies it. Maybe it happened during the overnight date when they played skin puppets between the sheets? Though I think the most appropriate comment was when Sean told AshLee she’s not funny she’s too uptight and I think we all saw that tonight.

Tara Richter
Tara Richter is an Internet Dating Coach in Tampa Bay. She is the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and an Internet TV Show Host.