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Ashlee Sean BachelorThey are in the South of Thailand. Lindsay, Catherine and AshLee are the last three standing. Ashlee is the only one left who has confessed her love for Sean, she’s completely put herself into the relationship 100%. The only thing I’m worried about it is Sean doesn’t picker her, she may go jump off a bridge. Then with Lindsay Sean says she doesn’t have the depth and maturity he was looking for…hmmm… aren’t those qualities you want in a wife?  I guess being drunk in a wedding dress is a better quality than depth?

Lindsay has the first overnight date with Sean. They go into a market and he tries to make her eat bugs. What is up with him making girls eat bugs and drink goats milk? Then they go hang out on monkey beach which is appropriately named because it’s filled with lots of little monkeys. Sean asks if she’s willing to move to Dallas if he proposed to her. She says yes, but can’t get the words out to say she loves him. Finally she caves in and he gives her a big, “I love hearing you say that” which he says to every girl that tells him they love him.

AshLee goes on the second overnight date. They take a boat ride out to some caves in Thailand. They have to swim under the caves to get to a private beach. Sean is shirtless again. I wonder if they’ll do a cheesy shower/ porno scene at the end of this episode too like last week. They make it through the caves alive without any emotional breakdowns. If Sean sleeps with all 3 ladies on overnight dates I hope at least uses a condom & then sanitizes his penis afterwards. He asks her why she’s still single at her age? Her response, “Because I’m still dealing with my abandonment issues, duh, haven’t you heard me talk about it enough? Or should I tell you some more.” Then she says, “Sean has healed my broken heart”. I really hope he doesn’t break it wide open again because I think I see a little bit of sparkle from Tierra lingering in her eyes.

Catherine gets the last date, nothing like having the other girls left overs. The go snorkeling together. She says she’s ready for marriage, but I’m not so sure. Catherine said she fell in love with Sean today. Well that was fast, in love and ready to commit an entire lifetime in one day?

Ashlee can’t even finish her video chat without balling her eyes out. She’s a hot mess. She doesn’t get a rose in the ceremony. I think Sean was overwhelmed by watching her video realizing the emotional mess he was going to be taking on. She obviously hasn’t healed herself from her childhood and projects all that emotion onto him and that will freak any guy out. She needs to love herself first. AshLee walks out without saying good bye. I hope she doesn’t go jump off a bridge.

Tara Richter
Tara Richter is an Internet Dating Coach in Tampa Bay. She is the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and an Internet TV Show Host.