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desiree-bachelorToday is the home date’s episode. AshLee gets the first chance in her hometown of Texas. They both find out that their dads are pastors in their churches. She says she’s ready to get married to Sean and have a family with him. Hope he feels the same way.  Too bad Tierra’s not here anymore. I would love to see the family she spawned from.

Sean meets AshLee family, wow, you can definitely tell she was adopted. Good thing for Sean though, as she didn’t inherit her mother’s genes. AshLee tells her parents how much they rolled around in the sand and made out and she confessed her love for him. Not sure that’s something your parents want to hear. Her father wants to know if Sean loves his daughter, he says he’s crazy about her, but not in love yet. AshLee wants to sprinkle pixie dust everywhere, hope she has some left over if he dumps her at the end of this episode.

Sean then goes to Seattle, Washington to see Catherine. Then they go to a fish market and toss frozen fish around, yummy. Anyone for fish tacos?  After walking around, acting like goof balls and sticking gum to the walls, he meets her family. Catherine’s sisters were not on the Bachelor bandwagon & by telling Sean that she has major mood swings probably wasn’t going to seal the deal. Then again Catherine saying, “Sure I’ll try it out” really isn’t a great response if Sean were to propose either. Her mom looked bored with the questions Sean was asking her & didn’t really give him her blessing.

Lindsay’s father is a 2 star General living in Missouri. Wedding dress girl actually made it all the way through to a home date! I figured she would have got sent home the first night. Sean is nervous meeting Linsday’s father, probably because he knows he could kick his ass if he screws his daughter over or send the Army after him. Lindsay’s mom and her look just alike. Even their hair looks the same. Sean asks Lindsay’s father for his blessing if he wants to propose at the end of all this. He says he has his blessing if his daughter says yes. He gives Sean some dog tags. If that doesn’t say love then I don’t know what does.

Desiree lives in LA and meets Sean to go for a hike. They are getting dinner ready and someone knocks on the door. A guy shows up and confesses his love for Desiree who is apparently her ex-boyfriend. He starts freaking out and Desiree now says she needs to tell Sean something, really? Yes, I think we would all like to know exactly what that is. Are you going to tell us he is just an acting school dropout trying to get his 5 minutes of fame? Yup, I was right; it was a prank with bad acting. Unfortunately her brother isn’t acting he’s just a douche. Though, what kind of guy with a microphone tattooed on their hand wouldn’t be a douche? That along with the yellow teeth, yuck. How did beautiful Desiree come from such a trashy family? Why would Sean want to marry into that family? Her genes from her brother could get passed down to their kids. Can you imagine giving birth to a little baby covered with tattoos and yellow teeth?

AshLee get the first rose. Lindsay gets the second. Then Sean has a hard time deciding between Catherine and Desiree.  Catherine gets the final rose in the end. Desiree’s plea with Sean before the rose ceremony starts doesn’t help him change his mind about her ghetto ass brother.

Tara Richter
Tara Richter is an Internet Dating Coach in Tampa Bay. She is the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and an Internet TV Show Host.