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sean-lowe-bachelorThe girls go to St. Croix. Finally some beautiful weather versus the snow from last episode! All the girls enjoy the weather as Tierra gets out the roller-bed because she does not want to share a bed with any of the girls. Leslie comments, “I want to roll away her roll away bed into the freaking ocean”. LMAO me too!

Date card, AshLee gets the first date. Tierra rips into AshLee and says that she’s a 32 years old Cougar because she hasn’t found anyone yet in life. Tierra’s just jealous because she didn’t get the first date. Plus 32 isn’t a Cougar, it’s a Puma, get it straight. Sean & AshLee swim to a nice catamaran and sail off to an island. AshLee tells Sean that 15 years ago when she was in Highshool she got married when she was 17. She was married Junior year and divorced Senior year. Then she proclaims her love for him.

Tierra gets the 2nd one-on-one and she’s complaining already about it.  They go shopping in the streets of St. Croix. She’s definitely pumping up the energy on this date, dancing with the street performers. He has a talk with her about what the other girls are saying and she stated she wouldn’t change anything. Now Tierra is feeling disconnected from Sean. Maybe it’s her eyebrow that is showing him that she’s lying just like Pinocchio’s nose. The more she lies, the higher it’s raised. Tierra states she can’t control her eyebrow 24-7. “Well maybe she can control her mouth & attitude”, responded the dent in her forehead.

Catherine, Desiree & Lindsay get the group date. Sean comes in way early and wakes up the girls with camera takes photos of them at sunrise without makeup. They still look good. He takes them out to see the sunrise. Then the take a road trip around the island with lots of booze stops. Then they go to a beach to hang out for a while. Catherine tells Sean she saw her father try to commit suicide. You can tell she’s sincere because she’s not trying to get attention from it. Sean gives the rose to Lindsay at the end of the date. Maybe she kept that wedding dress from the first episode? Just in case it works out in the end.

Leslie gets another one-on-one date. She said she would have fun with Sean no matter what, even if she was on Tierra’s cot. Leslie has a hard time looking Sean in the eyes and talking about her feelings. There’s nothing wrong with that. I would have a hard time putting my emotions out there so soon on a tv show.

Sean’s sister comes out to visit and give him some brother-sister advice. Sean goes to get Tierra for his sister to meet her. The girls are going at it like cats over a piece of tuna. Tierra yells she’s got sparkle, sparkle that lights dynamite before it explodes. Tierra fake cries when Sean comes in. Then she tells him it’s AshLee who is manipulating her, but really it’s Tierra manipulating him. He finally sees through her BS and sends her home. Ding dong the witch is gone!

Sean tells the girls there is no cocktail party & just a rose ceremony. He said he doesn’t like drama.  After this ceremony the girls that are left will be going on a home date. Desiree, Catherine & AshLee get a rose. Leslie gets sent packing. Apparently not being able to open up with her emotions cost her a chance at love.

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Tara Richter
Tara Richter is an Internet Dating Coach in Tampa Bay. She is the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and an Internet TV Show Host.