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Heart shaped box of chocolates

1) Do go out with your friends & have a good time: Get dressed up and go out dancing or to a fancy dinner and show all those couples how single people have fun too.

2) Don’t go on a blind date: Valentine’s Day is too much pressure for a first date or even the second date in a relationship.

3) Do go to a fun mixer to meet other singles: If there’s a local party at a nightclub in your area, go out, be social and meet new friends.

4) Don’t buy yourself a huge red heart box of chocolates: It will just make you more depressed if you eat that entire box of chocolate plus the extra sugar and pounds it will pack on in the following days.

5) Do send sweet presents to people you love: If you do have someone special in your life that isn’t a romantic interest, you can still spread the love. Send balloons to a best friend, parent or sibling. It will brighten both of your days.

6) Don’t send flowers to yourself to make someone jealous: Even though you think sending yourself roses to the office will make that guy over in accounting cringe you went out with 3 times last year, don’t do it. Imagine how embarrassing it would be if the entire office found out?

7) Do something special for yourself like a massage or pedicure: Take time out to celebrate you and relax.

8) Don’t watch a sappy movie & drink a bottle of wine alone: This will just make the evening even worse. Why pour salt in an open wound? If you do attempt this anyway, make sure all sharp objects are locked up.

9) Do spend time with your children: Bake some cupcakes & read their Valentine’s day cards from school together.

10) Don’t start flipping through your black book & start text stalking your ex’s: It screams desperation, not the way you want to be on Valentine’s Day.  Plus that relationship ended for a reason, don’t go back for a booty call.

Tara Richter
Is the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and the President of Richter Publishing LLC