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Sarah Bacehlor One ArmThe crew heads to Canada, Lake Lewis National Park. They get 2 one- on- one & 1 group date. Catherine gets the first one-on-one date. She’s standing in the freezing cold waiting for Sean to come. A huge snow bus comes and Sean is driving it. They go take off to play on a glacier. Jasper National Park looks freezing cold. She apparently passes the blizzard test. I didn’t know there was such a thing. I guess I should of put that in my 2nd book. Hell if there was a blizzard test, I’d be out the door! They finally warm up a bit and go on a horse drawn carriage to an ice castle with a fire pit. She tells Sean a story of watching a girl being killed in front of her at 12 years old & he gives her a rose at the end of the date.

The group date consists of Tierra, AshLee, Lesley M., Selma, Danielle, Sarah, & Lindsay, They all go canoeing down Lake Lewis. The water looks as crystal blue as the Caribbean.  Sean tells them all that they are going to join the polar bear club and jump in glacier cold water temps. Screw that. I don’t like being in winters in Nebraska let alone getting hypothermia for a dude. Selma is the only one that has some sense in her head to not get wet and die for a rose. They all in with their bikinis on and then have to wrap their bodies in metallic type blankets to keep their heat in.

Tierra starts freaking out and says she can’t breathe. The paramedics carry her away in blankets. They put her in a car and check her vitals.  The medics say she’s better and she’s getting warmer. Yet she keeps complaining that she’s still cold. All the other girls are fine. Sean comes to see her in the room with an oxygen tube on. I think more a cry for help and attention versus any real health concerns. She is still playing victim way after the polar plunge. Pretending like she can’t even walk when Sean comes into the room. Yet, Leslie M. gets the rose at the end of the group date.

At the end of the group date Sean realizes that there’s someone he knows that there isn’t anything more long-term with Sarah. She showed him pictures of her family and he just didn’t feel the connection with her and decides to send her packing earlier before the rose ceremony. I’m not sure if I commend him on it or be upset. Poor Sarah, I think this is the first time the Bachelor show has ever brought a real tear to my eye. I can honestly feel her pain. Different guy same story, always having her heart broken because they don’t want to tell her why they don’t feel a connection with her. They can’t deal with her disability.

Desiree goes on the 1st one-on-one date, her 2nd during the season. They go to Baniff National Forest. Sean, as always, wants to do a physical challenging date by repelling down a Cliffside. Then they have a picnic down at the bottom. Then they go climb a tree together… aw how cute. Then she tells him how she was brought up poor in a trailer park but with a lot of love from her family and that money didn’t matter.

Selma breaks her culture taboo by kissing Sean in public on camera. Then AshLee gives Sean a scarf to blindfold her and show him she trusts him. Lindsay, AshLee, & Tierra get a rose in the final rose ceremony. Selma & Danielle get sent packing.

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Tara Richter
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