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Tierra Bachelor CrazyThe girls get to pack their bags and head to Montana to meet Shawn to rough it in the outdoors. Danielle is already disillusioned calling Sean her boyfriend. Yea he’s a guy who’s a friend, not a boyfriend! Get it through your head!

Lindsay is going on the one-on-one date. Sean picks her up and takes her to a helicopter. They go take a tour of Glacier National Park on their date. They stop to have a picnic in Black Feet Indian Reservation and a little make out session. Which is followed by more making out in front of a fireplace and a rose. Then they walk out into the town of Whitefish to watch a concert with Sarah Darling.

Group Date is Selma, Leslie M., AshLee, Desiree, Catherine, Sarah, Robyn, & Danielle. They get to play with goats, hay and saw logs.  Sean’s trying to find the hill-billies!  All the girls need to dig deep and pull out the redneck in them to win time with Sean, the losing team has to go home. Sarah can hall some hay fast with that one arm! You go girl! The red team wins as Desiree chugs some freshly squeezed, warm goats’ milk. Yuck, if that was me I would have sent myself home. No guy is worth chugging goats’ milk.

Chris walks in and gives the Blue Team a date card. Sean felt bad sending them home so he invites them out to the party with the red teams.  The red team is pissed that he invited the blue team back, which I would be too. WTF did Desiree chug that nasty milk for? Danielle starts crying because she hasn’t gotten time with Sean, well duh, it’s because you’re blonde. Haven’t you noticed he’s sent almost all the other blondes home? You’re in a sea of brunettes, yet she gets a sympathy rose at the end of the group date. He’s notorious for sympathy roses. So if you cry in front of him, you’ll probably get a rose.

Tierra starts thinking psycho thoughts as the blue team leaves the hotel to see Sean. She thinks he has his head in the wrong place; well he has his head on 10 other women, duh. She walks in behind Sean while he’s giving an interview and covers his eyes. You either just got a head start on the 2 on 1 date or a head start on Sean thinking you are psycho! I wonder if that dent on her head has anything to do with it? Maybe someone smacked her with a shovel to knock some sense into her & it instead shook the crazy extra loose?

Tierra and Jackie go the 2 on 1 date. At the end of the date one gets a rose and the other gets sent packing. They all go horseback riding and Jackie is all the way in the back, probably because the horse can sense evilness inside Tierra.  Jackie tells Sean that Tierra was flirting with some other guys. The plan doesn’t work & Sean sends Jackie packing. I guess he likes the drama.

Robyn state she wants to turn this show into the Bad Girls Club if she’s gotta to shut Tierra up. I say go for it! I would love to see someone smack her in the face!  You go Robyn let the ghetto chick out to play!

Sean gets annoyed with all the drama in the house as most men would. Selma, Catherine, Leslie, AshLee, Sarah, & Desiree get roses in the final ceremony. Robyn gets sent packing. Darn it, no bad girls club.

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