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Sean LoweSarah, one arm girl, gets the first date with Sean in a helicopter. She’s super sweet and cute, which is good. Yet, being a bitch with one arm wouldn’t go over too well, I would think. Then they have to free fall down a skyscraper to get to the rest of their date. Hmmm.. I hope she doesn’t lose her 2nd arm! Whew.. she made it down, yea! Sean gives her a rose at the end of the date. Happy Dance!

Kristy, Brooke, Lesley M, Danielle, Catherine, Robyn, Katie, Selma, Taryn, Amanda, Tracey, Tierra, Diana, and Kacie B. go on the 2nd group date with Sean.  They all get dressed up and do cheesy, romance, Fabio photo shoot. All the girls get jealous as Lesley kisses Sean in her shoot. Kristy has more of a sex scene versus a photo scene, yet wins the romance novel cover. Then it goes onto a pool party. Lesley goes all nervous talking with Sean so he can’t kiss her, so she misses out in the beginning then goes for it afterwards and they make out.

Kacie B. confesses she likes Sean. But I think he likes her more as a friend. He says he’s glad she came, but now she thinks they’ve already moved from friend zone to girlfriend zone.  How do you move to girlfriend zone in a house with 20 some girls? She does get a rose, but that’s not girlfriend status.

Tierra seems catty and insecure around all the other girls. I think she’s an emotional basket case and is going to lose it sometime in the near future. Hope she doesn’t start taking out the other girls on her own in the middle of the night.

Katie needs some hair gel or putty for frizz control. I can’t stand looking at her bad 8’0s perm job. I guess he couldn’t take it either, yet she decides to go home during the group date. Buy Bye bad hair.

Desiree gets the 2nd one on one date of the episode. Sean decides to pull a fast one on her. He takes her to an art gallery and sets it up where she breaks a fake piece of artwork and sees how she reacts. Kinda messed up to make her feel bad while he’s watching from a back room. Thank goodness she’s a cool chick and didn’t freak out about it. Plus she looks great in a bikini, yet not sure about Sean’s shorts in their hot tub scene, no American flag please. Desiree gets a rose at the end of the night. He already has a nickname for her Des… oh la la….

Amanda is weird and psycho sitting on the couch with her arms crossed and a scowl on her face. Her bright yellow dress isn’t making her look any happier. She perks up with Sean comes to get her. But she looks like loose cannon.

Ashley, Lindsay, Robyn, Jackie, Leslie M, Selma, Catherine, Kristie, Leslie H, Tierra, Tayrn, Danielle, & Amanda get the last roses during the ceremony. No tears during this show.

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Tara Richter

Tara Richter is an Internet Dating Coach in Tampa Bay. She is the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and an Internet TV Show Host.