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seanlowe bachelorThe new season of the Bachelor started tonight 1/7/12 starring Sean Lowe from Emily’s season of the Bachelorette. He’s taking a second chance at love after Emily broke his heart, yet I”m not sure if he’s going to find it within this group of crazy chicks. Where did they recruit these girls off Plenty of Fish website?? Did they just post an ad and all the “50 Shades of Drunks” showed up? I’m not sure what’s worse: Robyn who does a back-flip onto her face, Ashley pulling a grey tie out of her bosoms obviously wanting to be tied up, or a desperate Lindsay drunk in a wedding dress trying to dance to their “first song”. Whew Sean really has it out for him this season!!

Sean decides to change up the rules of the game by giving out roses early, way early. He gives Tierra the very first rose almost two minutes after she steps out of the limo. Jealously already starts to rise in the other girls as she walks in the house rose in hand. He then proceeds to give out 12 roses prior to the actual rose ceremony. Claws start to come out as well as intoxicated personalities.

Sarah 26 from Los Angeles, bless her heart, was born with half an arm. She’s a very pretty girl, but damn get a prosthetic sweetie. They make really good ones now days. I just think that would help her chances. She did get a rose though in this episode. Maybe he’s thinking it would come in handy when you cuddle because then you don’t have that one awkward arm that falls asleep?

Once Ashley is nice and intoxicated she starts dancing around the house like a stripper. I’m not sure if this is her mating dance or come tie me up ritual. She does a good job of freaking Sean out he even says, ” I wish I had rape whistle!”  Damn girl you are 50 Shades of Crazy!

Sean hands out the rest of the roses and it’s apparent he’s way more into brunettes versus blondes. I guess opposites attract. But seriously whats up with these insecure chicks who cry after the first day! You’re not in love with Sean, you don’t even know him. They’re all a bunch of loved addicts who are in love with the idea of love. Get a grip on reality.

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Tara Richter

Tara Richter is an Internet Dating Coach in Tampa Bay. She is the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and an Internet TV Show Host.