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I was not aware that there were email templates out there for men to utilize to send messages to women. I think below is an example that was sent to me. For one it’s way too long. My attention span is about five seconds on a new email. I’m sorry but you lost me at hello. First contact emails should not go over a paragraph. It should include something personal. I don’t think he even read my profile at all so why would I waste my time reading this huge ass email? Don’t use email templates to contact potential dates online. Be sincere & original, that’s what works!

Rose on computer keyboardI admire your steadfast beliefs as I share a very similar mindset myself towards how I have approached everything in my life beginning with leasing a retail space and starting my first business when I was 20-yrs old, and since that time opening various businesses from Scuba Diving, Nightclub, Travel Agency, Yacht Charter, Marine Services, Custom Canvas, Corporate Consulting, Business Organization Strategy, Property Management.

Someone as successful as you is frequently seen as totally absorbed in themselves. Whatever you’ve done personally to temper that potential I consider to be an important quality to have. You’ve written a nice profile and I enjoyed reading it. You easily leave readers a distinct impression you are a very quality person, have a nice personality, and a demeanor that is grounded and down to earth, and not self-consumed.

I love your beautiful smile, and lovely eyes. You are exceptionally beautiful in your pictures; I can’t imagine anyone more vivacious and beautiful than you. I feel a very nice sense of attraction towards you; you are an irresistible, exhilarating, exciting, beautiful woman who captivates my attention and interest.

I am described by those around me as a quality person who is a gentleman: approachable, personable, genuine, honest, sincere, grounded, emotionally capable, even-temperament, spontaneous, sense of humor, and lighthearted disposition. My values are real and consistent as they are centered being a the best person I can be; always prioritizing family and friends no matter how busy life may be.

I am articulate, intelligent, University Masters Degree, successful career, down-to-earth, confident, good character, integrity, strong work ethic, respectful, and courteous. I’m not into conflict, combative, argumentative, defensive, critical, hurtful, abusive, not into games and don’t lie.

I’ve learned that the quantity of women does not satisfy any loneliness and emptiness even when sharing activities together. It’s the quality of one special woman who brings companionship and happiness together in the mix of sharing activities, making each experience become more of a lifelong special memory.

I enjoy sharing interesting conversations and even more so that I’m good listener to all that you wish to talk about. I find it of special enjoyment precious moments sharing closeness, affectionate feelings, and companionship; cuddling on the couch watching a movie; moonlight walks along the waterfront; sunsets from the beach.

I would like for us to learn more about each other and become better acquainted. Is this something you would be interested in too? Please email me soon as possible.
Take Care,

Tara Richter

Tara Richter is an Internet Dating Coach in Tampa Bay. She is the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and an Internet TV Show Host.