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That slight touch of the hand or arm around your shoulder from the opposite sex may not necessarily be a signal they are into you. Some people are just more touchy feely than others. Alcohol may also come into play.  Are they really into you or are they just more flirty and at ease with a few cocktails in their system?

One of my clients told me over the phone that a woman kept squeezing his shoulder, so that definitely means she was into him. No, it doesn’t. Just because a man or woman gives you a hug or squeezes your shoulder doesn’t mean anything.  They’re showing affection, yet not necessarily giving you a signal they want to jump into bed. Signals can be misinterpreted. Be sure you are the reading the other person correctly or it can be embarrassing for both parties.

It can also be a cultural thing. In some countries you don’t shake hands you embrace, others kiss on the cheek and some bow. If a lady approached you and grabbed your junk or a man went for your breasts, that probably means they want you… in the sack.. now. Unless they are from a part of the world I’m unfamiliar with and this is normal interaction.

If someone grazes your arm or does something you think is more intentional than a friendly hello, watch for other signals. After they brushed by you are they now flirting with you from across the way? Do they keep making eye contact? Or do they have their back turned towards you? It may have been accidental.

Studies say that a man subconsciously points his groin area in the direction of the woman he’s most into. He may have his face directed to the person he’s speaking with, yet his body is facing you. If he is really interested, eventually he will speak to you so his whole body is focused on what he wants most. If a woman is interested she coyly flips her hair back and forth and every now and then looks in the direction of her desire. Not for too long though, then quickly looks away.

If instead your playmate ventures off to talk to someone else and stops looking at you, then maybe she lost interest or you misinterpreted the signals? Would you stop talking to someone you were interested in? Maybe only if you got interrupted, but you would eventually go back if you indeed were intrigued. You’re like a bug being pulled into the light, you can’t control it. Though, if you misinterpret the signals you may end up getting zapped!

Tara Richter

Tara Richter is an Internet Dating Coach in Tampa Bay. She is the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and an Internet TV Show Host.