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The opposite sexes sometimes have problems communicating with one another. There are many differences in our physical makeup that can cause these differences. Though sometimes it has nothing to do with this and it has everything to do with the other person not being capable of having a rational conversation. You cannot rationalize with an irrational person.

Let’s first define these terms. A rational person is someone who uses reason or logic in thinking out a problem.

  1. in accordance with the principles of logic or reason; reasonable
  2. of sound mind; sane the patient seemed quite rational
  3. endowed with the capacity to reason; capable of logical thought man is a rational being

An irrational person is someone who is incapable of reasoning or using logic when thinking about a problem.

  1. inconsistent with reason or logic; illogical; absurd
  2. marked by a lack of accord with reason or sound judgment
  3. not consistent with or using reason; “irrational fears”
  4. affected by loss of usual or normal mental clarity; incoherent, as from shock.

Here is an example of a conversation with an irrational person:

Jane: “I want to discuss my commissions within this real estate company. I have been doing the work required yet I am not getting paid the wages of a typical real estate agent. When I lease a house I do not get a commission which in the state of FL is 1 month’s rent.”

Tarzan: “What are you taking about? I’ve been paying you $500 a month?”

Jane: “Yes, I understand that, yet I cannot live on $500 a month. Plus I’m doing way more work than that. A typical real estate agent makes 1 month’s rent on a year’s lease plus a monthly fee to manage the property. I’m managing 4 properties and doing all the maintenance yet only getting $500 a month?”

Tarzan: “How about you also do all the accounting for the 4 real estate companies and I’ll pay you an additional $250 a month?”

Jane: “That is not the point I’m making. I should get paid the appropriate commission for each job I do.”

Tarzan: “You are so spoiled, I don’t even check the business accounts! I paid for your college education! You obviously have no right being a property manager! You have no idea what you are doing! Maybe real estate isn’t the best career for you.”

This is an actual conversation I had about a year ago. The other person no matter how much I tried to rationalize what I was saying would not understand. It was like talking to a brick wall. It’s best to not even try to have a conversation with these kinds of people because you will never see eye-to-eye. Though, sometimes you have to. Just keep in mind that you cannot rationalize with an irrational person. It’s best to just walk away or in some cases find a new job!

Tara Richter

Tara Richter is an Internet Dating Coach in Tampa Bay. She is the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and an Internet TV Show Host.