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This is a real time conversation between myself and a guy that I was dating. I would LOVE to hear your interpretations/ opinions of it. What do you get from this?

10/ 08/12 @ 10 PM                                                                                               Jane: How are you?                                                                                            Tarzan: I’m tired.                                                                                                  Jane: Are you still sick?                                                                                         Tarzan: No I am better. But still tired from a 9 hours round trip drive
Jane: Yea u need rest
Tarzan: And to see u
Jane: Yup 😉
Tarzan: How about tomorrow
Jane: I have a conference at 6 -9 but maybe after
Tarzan: No maybe, I know u miss me too
Jane: U miss me, U want to come to my place?
Tarzan: I know u do smart panties
Jane: 😛
Tarzan: U can come to mine if u want to
Jane: Or u can come to mine
Tarzan: When
Jane: Tomorrow night
Tarzan: Maybe

10/10/12 @ 12:30 AM
Tarzan: What happen to u tonight

10/11/12 @10 AM                                                                                                 Jane: I went to the conference, networked, then out w my GF
Tarzan: I was referring that we were supposed to see each other last night
Jane: If u wanted to see me why didn’t u text or call me then?
Tarzan: Because we’ve already talked about it
Jane: We never set anything I said come to my place u said maybe that was the end of the conversation. It takes 2 people putting forth effort in a relationship to make it work
Tarzan: U know my schedule I am usually at the gym till 11
Jane: And what about my schedule? I’m been flexing mine to fit yours for a month but u never change yours for me. I can’t stay up til 3am every night cuz it ruins the next day for me. I’m crazy busy. Both people have to work together to accommodate each other. I’m the only one making a sacrifice here
Tarzan: I don’t ask u to stay up late. I shouldn’t be up that late too but since I work out late, my body gets more energy at night
Jane: The point is you’re not willing to flex your schedule for me. Also u really hurt my feelings last Tuesday when u didn’t sit next to me at dinner & when I told u , u blew it off. That was disrespectful & rude
Tarzan: No it wasn’t, I’ve already explained to u that I like eating next to the tv and I was watching one of my series
Jane: My feelings we’re hurt . U can’t tell me how I feel. I talked about it at the men’s group & when I told them a room full of 10 guys gasped. They all agree that was fucked up & the problem is you don’t see that. You’re not
accepting my feelings & giving them value.
Tarzan: What is really fucked up like u said is telling other people about it
Jane: It’s ok to talk about relationships. Shit I wrote a book on it r u kidding me? I can’t be w someone who disrespects me & my feelings
Tarzan: Life is about choices
Jane: Yup & my choice is to love myself & respect myself & not let anyone treat me badly. Someone whose will treat me like I deserve to be treated
Tarzan: I never disrespected or mistreated u in any way and both of us know that
Jane: Not taking my feelings into consideration is doing that. When I was in your room I was crying u had no idea. You STILL have never been to my house and we have been dating for a month. It’s all about you
Tarzan: That’s because u never asked me
Jane: I did Monday for Tuesday night & u said maybe then I never heard from u again
Tarzan: That’s because I was expecting u and was at the gym, Then I got caught up with a friend that I haven’t seen in a long time
Jane: Well I busy networking meeting new people & promoting my book party
Tarzan: I know that u are, It should turn out to be good for u
Jane: Yup

Tara Richter is an Internet Dating Coach in Tampa Bay. She is the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and an Internet TV Show Host.