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I’ve noticed one thing in common with most men living in bachelorhood, their bed & bath is beyond disgusting. Why is it that when men are single they live in filth? It doesn’t matter if they’re 25, 31 or 44 some seem to lack the ability to clean. Why is this? Even my ex-husband who always proclaimed to be a neat freak had what looked like an entire year worth of toothpaste spray build up on his bathroom mirror when we first met. Though he always said how he liked things “perfectly clean”. Yet I soon found out after marrying him the only reason he kept telling me this was to prepare me for my role has cleaning slave. Yes, he wanted a spotless house, yet he didn’t want to lift a finger to make it that way.

It was a huge strain on our marriage & something we constantly fought about. I did clean because I didn’t want to end up on one of those hoarding shows. If a miracle happened and  he grabbed a mop he would complain the entire time, as if saying I’m the man why do I need to clean? Yet one day after I slaved away for five hours and he came home to a spotless house, instead of being happy he yelled at me in a degrading way saying I didn’t know “how to clean properly”.

That was the last time I ever cleaned our house. I never lifted another finger. I instead hired a 6’5″ burly guy to clean the house. I figured if my ex had a problem with the cleaning he could confront that guy!

How can such simple domestic issues turn into huge arguments? I hate cleaning too but I’ll still do it every 2-3 weeks in my own place. It seems to be an issue in relationships, trying to divvy up the chores. I believe everyone should pitch in and it’s not the mans nor the woman responsibility. It should be common sense. I cooked you do the dishes. I mopped the floor you take out the trash, just a little bit of compromise goes a long way.

At the end of the day we’re all tired from working, driving in traffic, dealing with idiot bosses. The last thing we need to do is argue with one another about whose going to do the laundry. If you and your significant other can’t come to an agreement on chores, it’s easy issue to resolve if you have extra cash. Just hire a maid and be done with it. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Tara Richter

Tara Richter is an Internet Dating Coach in Tampa Bay. She is the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and an Internet TV Show Host.